Baby (Boy) Update!

We had our 17 week checkup yesterday for our little one. He is doing well. Heart rate was 147. :) In three weeks we get to find out "for sure" what he is. Like we don't already know! :) I'd be SHOCKED, SHOCKED if he were anything different, than, well, a HE! It'll be awesome to get another 4D ultrasound though. I just ask that you be praying for him that his development is strong.

Also, please pray for me. I have seen some slight swelling in my legs already. It started later than this with Maleah and got terrible, and I really don't want to go through that sort of swelling again!

Pray for Stacy too. She's needing alot of prayers so that she can get pregnant again quickly. They're ready for their next, and we all want them to get it NOW! :)

Also, for Nicole and Bobby...they're in the home stretch...and soon their world will turn upside a wonderfully fantastic way!

I guess we'd better pray for my parents too. :) With all these little grandchildren, they'll need it! ;)



I posted a post venting all of my frustration. I also have alot to be thankful for. I think it would also be therapeutic to name some of those as well...

I am thankful...

...that God didn't give up on me.
...that He never does.
...that Jesus provides saving Grace.
...that we can't save ourselves.
...that we don't have to.
...that God blessed me with my angel Emily.
...that I got to have her with me for 17 weeks.
...that God blessed me with Maleah.
...that God blessed me with little baby A.J.
...that He has kept us all healthy...including me and the baby.
...for Bob.
...because I don't know what I'd ever do without him.
...because he never stops loving me.
...that he never leaves my side.
...that he tries so hard to do what's right.
...that our children will never have go grow up in a broken home.
...that I can be certain of that.
...that I have a family that loves me and is there for me.
...that I have a church family to turn to in prayer and praise.
...that I have a mom and dad that are ALWAYS there for me.
...that I have a mom and dad that have shown hard work and never giving up my entire life.
...that I have a mom and dad that always put us first.
...that I have a best friend I can turn to with any prayer request, and know she'll be praying hard, no matter how long it's been since I talked to her.
...that I have a best friend at work that I couldn't get through my days without.
...that I have a house to keep me warm and safe.
...that I have a job that provides me with all of my needs and some of my wants.
...that I get to see Maleah's smiling face every single day (even if she won't call me Mommy).
...that one minute with Maleah erases all the bad moments in my day.
...that I get to hear her beautiful voice.
...that God would even bless me with such an opportunity in this life as to keep that child in my presence and raise her for Him.
...that I have been able to feel the baby move alot today :)
...that God blessed me with so much good in a world so bad.
...that no matter what happens with the election, God is still in control. Whether it's to give us over to our sin, or attempt to save our country....HE IS IN CONTROL. (I have to remember that!)
...for the sunny days.
...even moreso for many of the cloudy days.
...for the smell of fall.
...for the sound of rain falling.
...for the flowers in the spring. witness Maleah appreciate the flowers she sees.
...that she likes to stop and smell them...every time she sees them....and I mean EVERY TIME :)
...for Sudoku.
...for The Office.
...for football.
...for pizza and other "junk" food.
...for music. I can't sing, but I can sure enjoy it :)
...for a sense of humor. I didn't know I had one until I met Bob. He unleashed a beast ;)
...for the opportunity to write this.
...that you listened.


I am to the point that I am SOOOOO frustrated with the election, with politics, with people, with our country in general.

I am frustrated...

...that this presidential campaign has become an issue of race.
...that the American people no longer seem to care about experience.
...that the youth in America see the presidential race as more of a popularity contest, many knowing nothing or very little about the issues.
...that no one values life anymore...atleast not HUMAN life. Threaten a boy's life for killing a pig, sure. But don't you dare threaten the pig!
...that no one values each other.
...that Colin Powell endorsed Obama.
...that the media is so one-sided.
...that many people base their decisions on whatever the media reports.
...that stars think they know it all.
...that they spread their hatred of our country and our President all over the world, and think it's ok.
...that our country is so filled with hate.
...that I have seen racism in this election and it is more black to white than the other way around.
...that I feel like I will be busted out just for typing that.
...that we can't always say what we feel.
...that the media tore apart Joe the Plumber...HE ONLY ASKED A QUESTION!!!
...that there are still 15 days left in this stupid election.
...that the democrats will control the White House, House and Senate if Obama wins.
...that there will be NO checks and balances.
...that our country has become a pit of filth.
...that we have buried ourselves so deep in our sin as a country that God will soon turn us over to all of that sin, and there will be NO light.
...that the moral values in our country are dissipating.
...that abortion is allowed.
...that women can kill their babies at 17 weeks gestation.
...that I went thru so much pain losing Emily at 17 weeks and women take those lives away VOLUNTARILY.
...that no one wants to give a baby rights.
...that includes Obama.
...that everyone refers to a baby as a "fetus". It's a BABY. A BABY!!!
...that women get off on killing their husbands after 1-3 years but men get life.
...that about 90% of the black vote is going to Obama.
...that people will say that that's ok.
...that the economy is so bad.
...that everyone blames Bush...there's ALOT of blame to go around. He is one of MANY.
...that we, as Christians, don't stand up for Christ anymore.
...that we, as Christians, don't WITNESS like we should.
...that we are letting our country go to Hell right before our very eyes.
...that I have become so jaded by the world that I feel there is no hope left for our country. Morality is leaving, people want to do whatever they want and that's all that matters to them. That everyone is all about what can YOU do for ME, not the other way around. That we are all selfish. That there's no fear of God, no call to Christ. That no one turns to Him. Everyone turns FROM Him. That no one sees that HE is the answer. And that we, as Christians, are failing to SHOW them that HE is the answer.

The last thing I am frustrated about...

...that I almost didn't submit this post because it may be a controversial one.

Vote NO on Issue 6

Don't believe everything you hear on TV. Don't just listen to the ads. Read the detail for yourself. If you go to the website below, you can read some of the major problems involved with Issue 6. I have copied and pasted a portion from the website below. Our state could sell out in greed, and end up getting NOTHING.

Lyle Berman has also connected the dots on this casino scam. His language in Issue 6 specifically creates a trap door in the tax formula so that the "up to 30%" tax on his casino monopoly is instantly re-adjusted downward if state or federal law permits another casino in the state. He specifically included the words "federal law" in the Ohio ballot language, anticipating a federal ruling to sanction tribal casinos. Here is how the trap door works:

1) Ohio Issue 6 passes in November making Ohio a Class III gambling state and giving Berman his Ohio casino in Wilmington.
2) The Secretary of the Interior then authorizes the Eastern Shawnee to open a casino in Ohio
3) Federal law specifically prohibits the taxation of a tribal casino or tribal lands by the State or localities.
4) Therefore Berman's Ohio casino tax rate is immediately dropped to the same level as the competing tribal casino which just happens to be zero.
5) Once a competing casino springs the trap door the automatic tax reduction leaves every Ohio county left holding an empty bag of promised casino revenues.

This last point is critical for every Ohio County Commissioner to understand. The promises of shared casino revenues being made to Ohio's 88 counties will be wiped out by this tax trap door contained in Ohio Issue 6. Any additional form of casino gambling permitted by the state or federal government in Ohio will immediately diminish revenues promised to Ohio counties by backers of Issue 6.

This scam was exposed by the Vote NO Casinos Committee at a Statehouse news conference on Friday, August 22, 2008. By the end of that day, the official backers of Ohio ballot Issue 6 conceded their language did in fact contain such a trap door. The Columbus Dispatch stated "The group's leaders admitted today that they erred by including wording that could lower the tax rate to zero and said they were working on wording to fix that."

There is just one problem with that statement: Once a flawed constitutional measure is on the ballot, it cannot be changed. If Ohio Issue 6 passes it will take a second constitutional amendment to change it. By that time, casino gambling will be legal in Ohio, the Shawnee will press to open their casinos, and in the pursuing "casino chaos" Lyle Berman and his friends will be buried by big-time casino developers who have better lawyers.


Fact Check

If you're anything like me you are tired of the run-around between the candidates. I'm tired of the "He said-He said" and the "He said-She said" and the "She said-He said". I'm frustrated with "You said this..." "No, I didn't. I said this..." "No, you didn't...." I'm tired of the negative ads from both sides. I'm tired of the candidates not being able to just voice where they stand.

So do you want to just know the facts? Like me, you can't get away from all the ads and back and forth, but you CAN get some answers out of them.

Go to When you wonder who is telling the truth, this website will let you know every bit of truth and falsehood that you run across.

Just remember...One month to go!

Go McCain! :)