I haven't had any time on here for anything (except to try to get rid of my cat) :) Who ... by the way ... is still up for grabs. :) Ok, enough of that.


Had her first Easter egg hunt yesterday. She hated walking in the grass. She didn't mind the porch. She found a few eggs and was really good about putting them in her bag. Diego was her favorite of course (he's her boyfriend) :)

She was beautiful in her dress! The dress came from was Kaitlyn's last year. I didn't think she'd like it, but she did just fine. It was fun watching her watch her feet as she walked...they kept disappearing behind the dress and she'd bend over to look for them. She's so silly!

It was a good day. A good weekend. I love her so much and just watching her as she does what she does is amazing to me. She is my girl. :)

Here she is in her dress:

This is one of my favorites!



Free for the taking.
Just a reminder...we are trying to find Jasmine a new home.
She's a good, clean indoor cat.
If you would like her, or even know someone who takes in cats to find new homes for them, please let us know!!!


Winter Weather Blues...

Well, I was enjoying the beautiful and warm wonderful day that we had on Monday (Sunday too). We were able to take a walk Sunday (Maleah loves being 'outside'). Monday I worked all day with my window open and the wonderful breeze blowing in. I felt ALIVE again. Then yesterday hit...and today continued...and it will continue to do so. Those days are painful...the ones that remind you of what's to come...yet you know they aren't here to stay. I love smelling the warm fresh air. I miss it. It makes these days even harder to get through. March is my least favorite month I think. I always thought it was January or February...but it's March. Because it has the most teaser days within it.

It's depressing...I've snacked more since yesterday morning than I had the last 2 months! Apparently that cheers me up...because Krystle is bringing me back cookies from Max & Erma's! Yay!

I miss spring...I miss daylight. (Thank goodness for daylight savings this weekend!)

For those of you down south with 60 degree weather (even 50s)....don't take it for granted....You could be stuck up here!