Sorry I haven't been posting. I'm so ashamed! I've had the week off with Maleah...and she's had it rough...not alot of time for me to get on here! She's napping now...has been for 45 min...and she's been so off schedule it's hard to tell when she's going to wake up. My guess would have to be right in the middle of this blog!

She's so awesome. We've been having alot of fantastic Mommy/Maleah time. I don't know how I'm ever going to go back to work next week!

We're working on our front room this week. Starting tomorrow....thanks to my awesome dad! Hopefully everything goes very smoothly!

I'll blog more later if I can! I've got some confessions to write!


Bob's Confessions #2

I get angry over dumb stuff.

You could take that two ways. Either I get annoyed over things that are, in fact, stupid things... Or, it is stupid that I let my self get angry over small things. Both are accurate in my case.

Things that are dumb annoy me. Stupid commercials annoy me. Idiotic emails annoy me. I read a fax - not even meant for me - that annoyed me.

Ok, so the fax had a newspaper story about Cancun being the #1 vacation spot and the last line is "We can't be partial as a newspaper, but there is one company online who offers round trip to Cancun for $300". That part is circled and they write, "That's us. Give us a call at...". I go look online at the paper's website. That story does not exist! Ugh! Why does that make me mad?

Probably because I hate deception and any form of it. Lying, trickery, or tom foolery of any kind is intolerable to me.

I digress. In any case it is dumb that I let dumb stuff get to me... How's that for irony?


Confession #67


I was talking to a co-worker Angie about spelling in school and it reminded me of a particular 3rd grade incident that happened...

We were working on our spelling words in Mrs. Graves' 3rd grade class (I remember the pod like it was yesterday!). One of the words we had on our list was "heart". Me, being the logical, and supposedly literal, person that I am, went straight up to Mrs. Graves at her desk and told her that Ronnie (another boy in class) was spelling his name wrong. She asked why. I told her heart is spelled H-E-A-R-T and his last name was "Rinehart".

I felt dumb when she told me that he was right, that names could be different. It was a sad feeling... :(

Oh yeah...and speaking of spelling, it really bothers me that a child's toy is spelled playskool because I think it teaches kids to misspell the word "school". Also, why does the "R" in Toys 'R Us have to backwards???? That doesn't teach kids anything either! I'm done!


She is 8 months old today!

8 MONTHS!!!!!

I CANNOT believe it!!!

She's beautiful! She's crawling....she's saying "Mom" and "Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba"....blowing raspberries...cutting teeth (not that one has popped through yet)...only wants her bug SOMETIMES....loves her "lovey" (burpcloth)...did I mention she's crawling...eating big girl food...putting on weight...long enough for 12 month clothes....growing, growing, growing....and not to mention crawling! :)

I love her sooooo much. She's sooooo awesome!!!!!!!


Confession #66

Johnny's Head...

When Little Johnny was a baby...I saw someone (I think Uncle Johnny) carrying him around on a pillow. He'd hold it out lengthwise in front of him and Little Johnny would sleep on it. I remember specifically it was Bobby's hard, fat and lumpy pillow with the Ninja Turtle pillowcase. Anyhow, one day Johnny fell asleep and I did the exact same thing I had seen Uncle Johnny do...I carried him EXACTLY the same way...only when I did it, my arms weren't long enough because I was still VERY young and Whoops! He just sort of slid off the pillow and sort of landed on his head! I don't think I did too much damage!

And, NO, I do NOT carry Maleah this way! ;)


Bob's Confessions #1

Miranda asked me to start doing my own "confession" posts on Fridays. She, in turn, will be doing the 3BT (Three Beautiful Things) on my blog. So here goes nothing...

My first confession is probably one of my most embarrassing. It is all about music.

First of all, I used to love rap music. Not just any rap music, but particularly "East Coast" rap. I loved Puff Daddy (aka P. Diddy, aka Diddy, aka Puff Diddy-do-it, etc.), Ma$e, Notorious B.I.G., and an occasional Jay Z "joint"... Sorry. Anyhow... that was my music. I stopped when 1) I realized that I'm a Christian that shouldn't be listening to it and 2) I looked in the mirror.

Secondly, and most embarrassing... boy bands. nSYNC and 98 Degrees were my favorites. I actually purchased an nSYNC cd (the one with Bye, Bye, Bye) and told the clerk "my girlfriend is making me buy it". I am ashamed. I still do this day believe that vocally that was a great cd and had some really catchy tunes. Either way, I no longer own it. 98 Degrees was at least somewhat respectable because they were men. If this provides any redemption I never liked the Backstreet Boys! They were just goofy.

Miranda still claims that the worse one of all that I liked was a group called Plus One. I thought I could listen to them because they were a Christian group. They also were on the Disney channel music videos. They also really don't sing too many "Christian" songs.

That's it. Mock accordingly...



Mary Winkler murdered her husband. She was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and served five months in jail with two months in a mental-health treatment facility.

I'm sorry....does this seem right to anyone?

Forget the details of the situation...what "made" her do it. They don't matter. The point is she killed her husband. MURDERED HIM. All she gets is 5 months in jail???

Somehow, I think if the situation were reversed...the husband would NOT see freedom again...atleast not for a LONG, LONG time.


#49 Baby!!!

I just thought it worth reporting that in the poll....Michigan is sitting at #49!!! :)

I'm not being mean, I'm just saying....



Apparently I'm the only one that does it...and everyone else is fascinated by it! :) Kidding! But I must be the only one brave enough to blog about it!

Here are the phrases people have searched for and found my blog....

peeing blog
peeing incident
"had to pee" "hold it"
"couldn't hold it" pee
"pee soooo bad"
"had to pee"
"had to"+"so bad"+"couldn't hold it"
people love to pee

Apparently I now have the "peeing blog"....Hey, if my peeing confessions help atleast ONE person then I have succeeded! :)

I left this in there that someone searched just because it made me giggle:
why does my dog run around the house after taking a bath?

I assume they found me through "bath" but who knows! :)


Michigan Geared Up for Loss #3???

I found this earlier today in an online newspaper...I'd link to it but I lost the link already...

When asked what was wrong with the offense Saturday, tailback Mike Hart was direct.
"Obviously, in the second half, it's easy (to explain)," he said. "Chad wasn't in there."
Later, he made the statement of the week, the month and his career.
"We're going to win next week, there's no question in my mind. I'm going to get this team ready, guaranteed," Hart said.
That's when he was asked the qualifier: What if you don't have Chad?
"That's a different game plan," he said, rethinking his statement. "I think Ryan can get the job done. With the game plan we had today, it was fostered toward Chad. It was a lot more complicated stuff. When you have a freshman come in and expect to do what Chad does, it's not going to happen for him."


I'm a HUGE OSU fan...Ohio State is in a year where there's a new QB in town...expected to fill the shoes of Heisman winner Troy Smith. Troy made it all look so easy....and even though Boeckman is struggling, making mistakes and learning from them...the team has pulled together and is currently still winning in the process. The same cannot be said for the 0-2 Michigan Wolverines.

Ah, Mike Hart....where to begin....

Do you really put ALL of your team failures on one man? There's no "I" in "team" and there's no "team" in Mike Hart. Sure, the letters are there (MikE hArT)....but the attitude is not. You blame your QB for your loss because he's not in the game....that covers week 2...but what happened in week 1, Hart??? How do you explain that loss??? You weren't ready? You needed a do-over?

What I believe Mr. Hart has just accomplished in his statement regarding next week's game against Notre Dame is getting Notre Dame fired up to kick some rear-end. Weis is missing his wanna-be dreamboat football star so bad...(that's Brady Quinn by the way)...and he's itching to win a football game.

Will this be a win for the Wolverines??? Or did Mike Hart just seal the loss in game #3???

Guess time will tell....

Meanwhile.....GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!


Confession #65

The weather controls my mood...too much according to Bob...but what do you do???

If it's a hot, sunny day (as we've had too many of) I get very down.

If it's hot and cloudy....I'm a little perkier.

If it's cool and spirits are very high.

If it's cold and sunny I'm not too happy.

If it's cold and snowing I'm good.

If it's hot and windy I'm good (today for sure).

When the thunderstorms roll in, I'm down right ecstatic!

I love thunderstorms to the point that they make me giddy. It makes me sad to see a thunderstorm headed towards us...and then it dissipates. I don't care for the "dangerous" type...but the wind, drop in humidity, thunder, lightening and wind-driven rain is very nice. :) I just love them!

Cloudy days make me happy...

I love the sound of rain...but really only like rain if it accompanies a thunderstorm or if it's a nice lazy day at home with the rain coming down.

It's a mix of sun and clouds on the 90+ degree day today....but there IS a chance of thunderstorms...My hopes aren't too high....but if they do come through, I'll be SO EXCITED! :) Woo-hoo!!!


Prayer & Tears

It's a good thing, a great thing, a FANTASTIC thing!!! It's not a bad thing. Some people see it as a weakness. I say I AM WEAK. God gives me strength...I give myself nothing. I pray and I cry. I pray and I don't. Crying is certainly NOT a weakness. It's an emotion. I may cry while talking to God...for the blessings He has given seek comfort during a time of pray for those that need salvation. I may hear a song that touches my heart...Holy Ground is one...and I may cry. I may stop whatever I am doing and sit in the presence of God. And cry. Does that make me a "lost" person...a"tortured soul"...??? Absolutely not. It's crying that brings to light the joy in a world filled with so much pain. There's more to life than THIS. And for that I am thankful.

So to you who feel that crying and praying is a person who is tortured, lost and in pain...

You are wrong!

Inexperience doesn't make you right.

Praise the Lord that He is above all of this!!!


Confession #64

My favorite things....

I have my favorite things...and I am weird about using them. Shocker, right?

Forks. At my mom's house and at our house...I have favorite forks. The tongs are more pointy than most of the other forks in the drawer...and even if they're all the way at the bottom I will dig for them to use instead of whatever's available.

Bowls. We use plastic bowls at our house. We have 2 colors, a teal color and a deep blue. I like the deep blue. So Bob is nice enough he always uses the other ones and lets me have what I like! Oh, yeah, and I stack them weird. There are 4 pretty deep blue ones and 3 teal they have to be stacked alternating colors...if I see they're placed wrong in the cabinet, I fix them. :)

Maleah's Bowls. Oh, yes, I have my favorite colors there too. I prefer to feed her out of the pretty purple ones and then the pink ones and save the green and blue ones for someone else to use. No offense to the other person...I just feel like if I'm feeding her out of what I think are the BEST bowls then I'm somehow giving her the best. Stacy tends to get my least favorite ones...the bright purple, bright pink, and blue ones. Sorry, Stac.

Maleah's Spoons. Yeah, that wasn't bad enough. I also prefer to feed Maleah with the pretty purple and pretty pink spoons. BUT I cannot feed her out of the pretty purple bowl with the pretty purple spoon...I try to put the pink spoon with the purple bowl and the purple spoon with the pink bowl.

Maleah's Bottles. Who knew I was this bad? She has pretty, I mean PRETTY, bottles in lavender, sea green, and teal. She also has bottles in dark purple and bright yellow. I first have to line them up by color when I wash them. The dark purple then light purple then green, sea green, teal, light blue, dark blue. The yellow comes first because it blends with NOTHING. I also like to feed her with the prettiest of the bottles. SO when I line them up Stacy usually is feeding Maleah with the yellow or purple bottles. If not Stacy, it's Bob. I LOVE feeding Maleah with the lavender bottles...they're my FAVORITE.

I'm sure Stacy has realized some of these tendencies by now. She gets the ugly yellow bottles, and the yellow and orange spoons with the blue or bright pink/purple bowls....It's no offense to her at all, I'm just that obsessive...who knew?

Well, Bob did. But he loves me anyway, thank goodness!



I miss her. I miss her so much. My heart breaks when I hear someone speak her name. It's been so long...and yet not long enough. I still remember all to well the feelings and the hurt and the pain...even today I cannot reflect too much because it hurts so badly. But she's a beautiful angel now. Above anything in this world...she is dwelling with God and someday I know I will be with her...

I explain to Maleah what the tree in the backyard is for. She has a big sister who is watching over her. Someday she'll understand....

God has a plan above anything we can expect or plan for ourselves. Don't ask 'why' when something happens...because it will all be revealed in God's time. And you can find comfort in that. I have. I didn't want the loss. I didn't ask for it. I only expected it in my own fearful mind. But it happened. And I trust God in the "why" there's no need to ask.

I praise Him for all the blessings and the hardships. I heard a quote this weekend:

"Without a test you have no testimony."

God has put me through a test...and because I have trusted Him I now have a testimony...and can help others in need.

Thank you Lord for that blessing.

Confession #63

Dress Shoes

When I was little, I loved dress shoes. I loved to hear my teachers walk across the classroom with their dress shoes on...because I loved the sound they made on the tile floor. I wanted to be a teacher someday, so I was envious. I would jump at wearing my dress shoes anytime I got the chance, and I would walk anywhere that they would make noise. I would find reasons to walk in the basement...walk outside...I loved Easter because we always got a dressy outfit, which meant I got to wear my noisy shoes!

One time, my dad was working on the kitchen floor...the carpet foam had been glued to the tile underneath and he had to scrape it free. As he scraped, more and more tile flooring became visible underneath. So when he finally got it all done, I got on my nightgown, got out my dress shoes, and started walking! I walked on that floor in those dress shoes so proud...I am sure I looked like an idiot...but I was walking in my noisy shoes, so I didn't care!

In the 5th grade, I was selected with a few other students to make a trip with our principal, Mr. Ervin, to OU-C for a special project each week for a month. One week myself and another girl decided we were going to dress up. I got to school that day and she wasn't it was just me and 3 boys going to OU-C. I tried to get out of it, pretending I had a headache...whatever I could do to NOT have to go...but I had to go anyhow. :( We were walking down the hallway, and one of the boys, John, turned to me in my nice, noisy dress shoes and said to me that I was being too loud in them. I became so self-conscious that I never wanted to wear them after that for fear of drawing attention to myself. :( It ruined all the fun now that I wear them to work everyday! AND not to mention, my mom and dad now have hardwood floors all through the house...for all the noisy walking pleasure a girl could ask for!!!