Sumburger Drive-In

Thought I'd share a little something about our weekend....

We had lots of errands to run yesterday, and it was just after noon and we still wanted to run to Kmart to check out their baby stuff...Maleah was getting hungry and wanted french fries so we decided to go to Sumburger because we rarely ever get it and it was right across the street...

So we decided to pull up to one of the drive-in spots. It was good, the food was excellent. Maleah wouldn't eat her fries, and Bob spilled mine on the floor and console...but it was still a good meal. We were just finishing up and I told Bob that I wished that we'd gone there more back when we dated. He agreed, because you can sit in your car and eat and not worry about everyone staring at you. Then a car pulls in just diagnal from us. Probably atleast 20 empty spaces, and they had to pull in right there. So we started discussing needing one of those windshield blockers to put up so that no one could watch us eat...

The next thing I know, as Bob's trying to polish off the fries...the man and woman in the car across from us are making out! And I mean REALLY going at it! So here we are, at a FAMILY restaurant, sitting in our car with a 2 year old...and THAT is what we have to see! Well, me. Bob didn't see. I told him to look because if they were going to do it where everyone can see then we might as well ;) He wouldn't. Don't blame him. Here it is NOON on a SATURDAY and they're making out like they're at a drive-in movie theater!

Needless to say Bob was done with his fries. We pulled away and trashed the left-overs.

So now I must clarify....when I mentioned we should have gone there more when we dated, THAT was NOT what I had in mind!


NOT Feeling the Love....

So I got Maleah ready this morning, fit-throwing and all, avoiding kicks to the stomach. She didn't want to leave. We HAD to go. We were already running too late. We got to Stacy's and I still had to go get gas, and my girl....who was all abusive this morning....would not even tell me goodbye. Wouldn't give me hugs...kisses...nothing. I wish I could say I just shrugged it off...but I didn't. I cried. I still feel like crying. I feel like crap. I hope it's not a crappy day. Right now it sure FEELS like a crappy day.

Sorry for being such a downer. :(

Feeling the Love...

It's been so long :( I'm so sorry about that!

In the last few months I've been busy with working, etc....and I haven't been able to find the time to get on here much! Trying to get caught up for a 3 month leave is difficult!

In the last month, I was thrown 2 baby showers. My family threw me one and my work threw me the other. I feel so loved when I see how many people really care enough to make the time to go, as well as supporting us in helping Alex's supply grow. We went from having no baby boy clothes to hopefully enough to get us through these first few months! We've got our "big" items we needed, and are stocking up now on diapers, wipes, etc....but people are so amazing. :) Sometimes you can go around feeling like no one cares about you....but that's certainly not a complaint I can muster :) Not after the love people have shown us! We are so very appreciative of everyone in our lives....and sooon I will be sending out the Thank You cards! Promise!

There's been alot going on....but for now....I just feel so blessed and wanted to share that.

P.S. We're 36 weeks be praying for us because it's getting close! You'd think after having Maleah it would feel more real...but it doesn't. I STILL can't imagine having a newborn in the house! Can't imagine having a baby boy....getting to lose sleep all over again...getting time off with them....I'm so excited and scared! :) I can't even IMAGINE how many times he's going to pee on me! :)


Bob's Confessions #4

I haven't done one of these in awhile so I thought I would. I was going through all of the dumb things I've said and done over the course of the last 28+ years to come up with a confession...

What I found is that spilling your guts on a blog sucks. Anyhow, here's something for you:

I bawled my eyes out watching The Notebook.

That is the single greatest love story movie of all time. It was some amazing writing and acting... and I will never watch it again.

I have no problem admitting that I cry from time to time. Mostly over very sad things. That movie... had some seriously sad parts.

I sobbed over "It Won't Be Like This For Long" by Darius Rucker (formerly of Hootie & the Blowfish). If you haven't heard this song and you have a child.. don't listen to it.

Why did I cry over the movie? Because it was about loving someone so much that you'd give everything just for a few seconds with them.

Why did I cry over the song? Because it was about your little girl growing up and not being little anymore.

I love Miranda and Maleah with all of my heart... That's why I cried.