Back to Work...

Well, it's off to work today (shortened hours yes, but still leaving my babies). :(

I tell ya what's like Alex knows! First, he slept ALL night...didn't wake up until about 6:15! That's the longest he's ever slept! Second, he didn't just fall back to sleep after his bottle! He stayed up and played and laughed with me :)He wanted alone time with Mommy! :) I'm going to miss him so much! :( Maleah too!

Please pray for me if you can....just that I'll be able to focus there while missing them like CRAZY!!!!


My Own Random Passing Thoughts...

Who knew the weapons of mass destruction that Bush was looking for would be found in the persons making up the new administration? Between them, the dems in the senate and seems like the hopes of this country are fading. Don't get me wrong though...Biden makes it entertaining atleast...

Speaking of entertaining, saw on the news that Perez Hilton called another person a gay slur...Talk about LOL. Tell me, Perez, when you say something's gay do you think about what you say???...

Speaking of about the government spending over $400G to research why men in Argentina are meeting for "special time" in public restrooms...what an EXCELLENT use of our taxpayer dollars!...

Speaking of taxpayer dollars, how about the $450G our government spent to find out why men don't want to wear the "glove" during the "fun times"...

Speaking of fun times, lots of family is coming up this weekend to spend the week of the 4th with all of us...I am SOOOO looking forward to that!...

Speaking of family, I'm going to have to start leaving mine next week to go back to work :( Sad, but thanks to an awesome employer I get to cut my hours way back to spend time with the kids!...

Speaking of spending time...this is not a great use of mine while the kids are sleeping!

I don't know how Bob keeps up on the random passing thoughts...I can't do it! It's exhausting!

Off to do my Bible study...but the kids are fantastic, Alex is sooo big! Maleah's been sleeping in her big girl bed and hasn't exited her room without permission for a week and a half! Bob is Bob :) I am gearing up to go back to work Monday. Gotta do it, so why dread it??? Atleast not until Sunday night, when I look at those two beautiful faces and know that I'll miss them for 4 hours the next morning. :( My boss is so great working with me though. I feel led to be home more, so it's great that he's working with me. No manipulation, no back & forth, I knew what God wanted of me and I asked. Praise the Lord it was answered! They are truly amazing kids and I am so proud of them. :)

I got to go to a Paints game last night with my dad for Father's Day, just the two of us, and we had alot of fun :) :) The hot dogs still rock! Next Tuesday is dime-a-dog night...sad I'll miss it!

There are prayer requests I have...remember Rodney Lens, Beth and her family and all they are going through, and those hurting for losses recently suffered. Every new bad thing that pops up is just a reminder that this world is NOT our home and I praise the Lord for that!

Times a wastin'! Gotta go!

No apologies here! :)


Alex Smiling!!!

I LOVE to see babies smile!!!

Maleah dressing herself....

There's a phrase we hear all day long...

"Baby do it"

When she knows she's getting it, she says "Baby doinin' it"

So most of the time...we let her do it. How else will she learn???

By the way, the "skirt" is a pair of capri pants...and, NO, I didn't let her leave it that way!

More of Maleah and Alex

He just loves his sister!!!

"Baby hold it, please."

Oh, the hair....she yanked it out of piggy tails...It's DEFINATELY my hair!!!

Those two can ham it up, can't they!?


Two Months Old!

Alex had his 2 month appointment today. He did excellent! He was in the best mood the entire time we were in there (until the shots at the end). He loves to play so he was happy as could be just laying there and playing on the table. He weighs in at 12 lbs. 4 oz...2 lbs since last month. That's about 75%. His length was 25.5" he gained another 1.5" since last month and tops over the 100% mark on height. He's gonna be a tall fella. :) The doctor LOVED his head control and mobility, his ability to push himself up on his arms, as well as his legs. One wrong (or right) push and that guy's rolling over! He had to take an immunization by mouth (which he took the entire thing without hesitation) and he had 3 shots. He took them like a little man. I was so proud of him! Pray that he doesn't get the nasty feverishness that can come with the shots...right now he's sleeping soundly. :) He was just so incredibly good! He's my boy...I love him so much!


Pics of Alex

Just look at that red hair!

Maleah LOVES her baby brother!

He was a good boy at the zoo. Not much for him to do! See him holding his lovey??? Already needs one to relax and sleep!

Some Pics of Maleah....

These first 3 pics are Maleah at the zoo. We got her one of the backback baby harness things so we could let her walk without her taking off. It was adorable. I only made her fall down once too!

These next 2 pics are just showing off her pony tail...We've been able to pull it back now and she loves it! :)