Confession #10

I love cloudy days. Yup. Sunny days are nice too, especially if you have outdoor plans...but there's just something about a cloudy day. I love in the spring and summer, when the dark pre-thunderstorm clouds roll in. I love in the fall when it's cloudy and there's just that slight chill in the air and that great fall smell. I love windy, cloudy, warm days. I for some reason feel more joyous over the clouds than the sun. It's not depressing to me at's exhilirating in some way. And I LOVE thunderstorms. They really show the power of God. They are strong and I find them comforting (unless they get REALLY bad). When I wake up in the middle of the night and it's thundering and lightening, I sleep better. I don't know why. I just think they are AWESOME!


Confession #9

I'm a middle child. That's right. A middle child. So somewhere during my life I felt as though I was lacking in the attention department. I think all middle children probably feel this has nothing to do with the parents. So what does a child do when she wants attention??? She schemes up ways to get it!

One time I waited until everyone else was awake in the house...then I made myself fall out of bed hard enough to make a thump, dreaming that everyone would run in to see if I was ok...What really happened??? I fell out, laid on the floor for a few minutes...waiting......and you know what??? NO ONE CAME! That's right! Apparently I didn't thump hard enough!

I also used to dream up ways in elementary school of getting hurt. The night before school I would lay in bed and think...if I could run across the asphalt and somehow "trip" enough to skin my leg or arm or bump my head so that it wouldn't hurt me too badly but enough to where I could go to the office to get a bandaid or ice...that would be great! I didn't do it often enough for anyone to get suspicious...but you always got extra attention when you had that bag of ice! :)

I remember a birthday I had when Stacy & Bobby got me a birthday card and it said "We lucked out because we got you"...and I started to cry because I thought it meant they were UNlucky to have me as a sister. "Lucking out" does not sound like a good thing!

So I'm a little "emotional" and...sure...sometimes "high maintenance", but atleast my stories are good!


Confession #8

I do this very weird number/letter/math thing....I do it in my head all day long, without even thinking about doing it. I probably do it more than I realize. I'll explain...

Each letter of the alphabet is assigned a # according to their sequence: a=1, b=2....z=26, then what usually happens is while I'm not thinking a word may appear on a road sign or a piece of paper, a magazine...anything. This is what I do...


Then see how to make the #s multiples of five:

Then add the numbers:

Then I see what the multiples of 70 are:

I do it all the time in my head without thinking about it...I do it to license plates and everything. Must just keep my brain working when there's nothing else going on!


I miss my girl...

I have a wonderful, beautiful baby girl who is at home right now...and boy do I miss her! Sometimes I feel like such a bad mommy, not staying home with her. But what can you do??? It takes 2 incomes and so my hands are tied. I look around my cubicle, and there are pictures of her everywhere. She's even on my desktop wallpaper :) I just look at her pictures and ache to be with her. She laughed her first laugh on Sunday, and it was at me. I cannot express just how special I felt that the most beautiful noise in the entire world was done for my benefit. She's amazing. Absolutely amazing. Just look at her...How can that not brighten your day???

Confession #7

Bob is my best friend. Seriously. Alot of people probably don't say that about their wives/husbands, but in our case it's true. Who else can you do all the dumb stuff with??? We love to joke around with each other, and we are constantly quoting "Friends" or "The Office". Some of our silliest things that we have done have been together (silly things, not stupid things like Matt & Bob did). When we would go to Bear Haven Cabin every spring, it was filled with tons of bears. We loved taking silly pictures with the bears. Here are some of them:

I confess, no matter how silly he is and how much he may drive me crazy, I just love him!!!


Confession #6

I am horrible about sharing food. It's the truth...Normally when we buy food it's mine and his...There's not alot of mixing. Bob said one day that he doesn't like Sun Chips, they don't sit well on his stomach. So I was excited. Bought a bag knowing they would be all mine. Then I came home one day and he'd eaten about 1/2 the bag! Or one day we ordered pizzatas from Market Day. There are 6 in a box I think, so something that can easily be split into my half and his half. But NO...I wasn't eating them quick enough so he ate them ALL!!! To most people this doesn't matter...but to me, it's a big deal. My food is MY food! My half is MY half!

The worst though is when...say...we're eating a pizza and there are 8 slices. We get down to the last 2 slices...and I need to get him a slice and myself a slice. I always want to give him the smaller slice so that I can savor the last of the food. But if I did that then I would feel horrible because I would feel like I'm trying to cheat I just make sure that he knows I want the bigger slice, which he always does, and he gives it to me anyway! He always tries to make sure I have plenty!

Don't even get me started on the day Sugar ate my chicken sandwiches from White Castle right off of my plate!!!! Dumb dog!


Confession #5

I hate worms. They totally freak me out. They are SO gross. Last night Bob & I took Maleah for a walk. She was snoozing by the time we got home, so we decided to go see how Emily's tree was doing...It was around 7pm. We went down to her tree and were down there for probably 5 minutes. The ground was really wet and muddy, but I didn't think anything of it. All of a sudden it hit me that there was this distinct noise all around me. I suddenly realized what it was, and ran back to the cement and out of the grass. GROSS! How creepy that you can HEAR them in the ground. Have you ever stopped and listened to that??? It is so DISGUSTING!!!! It reminds me of another story...

I was maybe 16 or so, and it was raining but our dog, Cujo, needed water. I got his jug of water ready and took it down the hill....About 1/2 way down the hill it occurred to me that the worms were EVERYWHERE. Again, that DISGUSTING noise!!!!! I was afraid to take another single step. I would pour some water from the jug on a spot on the grass and then step on that spot, assuming I had scared the worms away. Once I got to the bottom of the hill, I stood by his pen for a long time, maybe 10 minutes, just waiting for my mom or dad to notice that I didn't come back in....They didn't notice! So I took of flying up the hill as fast as I could. Ew, Ew, Ew, Ew, EEEEWWWWWWW!!! Only after I reached the patio did it occur to me how easily I could have slipped on the wet grass and ended up crawling with them. SO GROSS!!!


Confession #4

Songs....apparently my hearing is horrible. Bob cracks up at me all the time for what I "think" a song is saying vs. what it actually says....Examples:

"Dude looks like a lady..." was always "Do it like a lady..." ...Do what exactly? I don't know! I honestly couldn't tell you any more words to that entire song!...

During the Singing Christmas Tree at our church, we sang a song that said "Sing we all Noel" and I thought they sang "Sing we on the rock"....

Bryan White had a song that said "Puttin' pennies on a train track..." and I thought he said "Puttin' panties on a train track..." ... I always wondered why such a good, clean guy would write such junk....

Casting Crown's song goes "When the stone was just the right size to put the giant on the ground..." and I thought it said "When the stone washes a ratzlaff and put the giant on the ground..." I had NO IDEA what it meant, but that is exactly what it sounded like to me!

And then Kutless' song says "You are my strong tower" and I thought it said "You are my September".

Maybe I need my hearing checked...or maybe, just MAYBE, I am not the only one making these errors...I am just the only one that will confess....If you are carrying this burden, and would like to confess, please post your errors as well! It may be bad for the reputation, but man, it sure feels good!!!


Confession #3

My cousin Crystal received a homemade ice cream machine and brought it to my house when she stayed the night, wanting us to make ice cream together....I thought that was a TERRIFIC idea. I loved doing things with those kids all the time! So we get it out...and I get out all of the ingredients we need...the flavoring...salt...milk...etc....We're mixing everything up and it's going great. One small part of the directions were a little confusing to me, but I worries! I figured it out (or so I thought) and we moved on...but for some reason it didn't work. I was so confused, I followed the directions EXACTLY. Yeah, sure....It called for half & I put in HALF of the salt...and HALF of the milk...Yes, it's true. That IS what I thought half & half was. The saddest part of this entire story??? We lived in the box at the it was only 5 years ago.

:( The shame I feel!!!!!!!!


Confession #2

I thought moth balls were like dust bunnies...I had no idea they were an actual THING. You always hear people talking about moth balls in old NATURALLY it made perfect sense to me!


Confession #1

Confession is good for the soul, bad for the reputation...That's what Pastor always says. So, I decided that my soul needs to feel good! Everytime I think of a new confession I am going to post it so you all can find out just how weird I really am! It starts today!


I thought elbow grease was something you use to clean the bath tub.....Yes, it's true....When I was younger (maybe 12), I wanted to clean the entire house for my mom....REALLY make her proud of me. I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed the bath tub but just could NOT get the ring to go away. When she came home from work I explained that to her. She said "You should have used some elbow grease" and I, the genius, said...."Well, if I would have known where it was I WOULD have!"



Ok...So if you know me at all...and I assume that if you are reading this then you know I am not one for change. However, I have a wonderful husband who is very open to such...and that is the reason that I now have this blog. I have no idea how often I will post...or even WHAT I will post. I think it could be fun...I enjoy reading everyone elses. If it takes me awhile, don't give up on me! Come back and check again! Until then... :)


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