Facebook & Things...

Facebook has robbed me of my blogging. I love blogging and writing out my thoughts because many times I feel about a million times better when I do. Now....I just go on FB and make a comment here or there....I don't get to articulate anything! I need to stay away from it and do more of this!

I miss my husband. I miss my kids being happy and healthy. This winter has worn on all of us. We are 4 people 200% ready for spring! We have no idea what this spring will hold for us....lots of changes I know. The Lord has provided us peace though that whatever happens...it's going to work out.

Whatever decisions we have to make....I want to make sure that we are doing everything that the Lord wants us to do.....I was reading last night in Luke about getting so involved in living in this world....that you miss your heavenly focus. I am fearful of doing that as our days are filled with work, kids, chores, etc. I don't want to forget through it all that I am here for one purpose and that is for God.

Bob's snoozing on the couch...so I'd better get off here....

P.S. I can't stand Brutus (our neighbor's dumb dog with a loud mouth that stands outside half the night and barks). OY!