Confession #77

Talking to Becky today made me remember a confession to tell about quickly.

A friend of ours is in Australia on her honeymoon for 2 weeks and I have received two emails from her. This led us to a conversation about contacting family/friends during the "honeymoon" time...

Mine and Bob's "honeymoon" was nothing more than a one-night stay at the local Christopher Inn...

The entire time we were there we were just YARDS away from my mom and dad's...we were just a few yards longer away from our apartment...It was ONE NIGHT.

By the time we went to the apartment on Sunday I was in tears wanting to go see my mom. I cried entering my mom's house...because I was already homesick! I have no idea how in the world I was homesick when I was RIGHT THERE...but I was.

Poor Bob...he never knew what he got himself into...


Rant - If Offended, Apologize Later :)

You many people are afraid to say so many things because they are afraid of stepping on toes...or offending...etc...

You know what? I'm done worrying about that.

90% of white women are not voting for Hillary Clinton.
90% of white men are not voting for John McCain.
SO why is it that in NC & IN, 90+% of the black vote went to Obama??? (I think the percentages are similar in other states but I don't have facts on that)

I'm disgusted that people can't look past color...on either side...I won't vote AGAINST a person because of their skin color, and I won't vote FOR them because of it either.

I'm not a Hillary supporter because I'm a woman...

If Obama were a white man, he wouldn't be in the race. He is a Freshman Senator with little experience. People would have laughed him out a long time ago. But...somehow...he's still there...

I don't want Obama.
I don't want Hillary.
I don't want McCain.

I will, however, vote in November. I will vote for the person that I feel is best suited for the position with the highest qualifications after thoroughly analyzing their voting records and stances on social & economic issues, as well as immigration, border patrol, etc...My vote in November will NOT be for what's on the outside.

Yours shouldn't be either.


Good Day...

It's been a good day. :) Nice and quiet for me to get my work done. Stacy got me a card, Bobby called, Bec got me dark chocolate hershey kisses that I don't have to share with ANYONE and a card, and we're having dinner at my mom and dad's tonight! Bob gave me a note, Maleah is just fantastic, and the day is only half over!

I'm so glad that I'm loved...and also glad that I don't have to think of dinner tonight! WHEW!

Confession #76

Today is my birthday...and I know it sounds dumb because I'm only 27...but I am sad. My youngest days have passed. Lucky for me, Bec said a few weeks ago that 50 is the new would that mean that 27 is the new 17??? :) Then again, I wasn't crazy about being 17. I just see myself inching closer and closer to 30 and then I won't be a young 20-something anymore :(

I'm sure you all feel SOOOOO bad for me right now ;)