Confession #75

Tom Selleck...

When I was three I told my mom that I wanted to take all his clothes off and kiss him all over. Ok, now, have you SEEN Tom Selleck!? What in the WORLD was I thinking!?

I'm so sorry Bob, my taste DEFINATELY improved :)

Who does Maleah look like?

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Dynasty - Geneology

Bye, Bye....Mustache????

I have been wanting to blog on this all week, and no, it's not about Tom Selleck, if that's what you were thinking (which I doubt you were because that is just on an episode of Friends when "Richard" shaves off his, I can't believe I just typed that nonsense). Reminds me of a confession....another a minute :)

Ok, back to the mustache....

My dad has shaved off his mustache! That is the FIRST time I've seen that upper lip...EVER! It's a little pale and needs a tan :)

After 35 years....the mustache is gone!

WOW! THAT is dedicated facial hair! Well....until it starts to turn white! How dedicated could it possibly be then???

Ok. I'm leaving now!


Confession #74

When we were little, Nicole had this plastic see-through beach bag with flamingos on it. It was clear and round and had a pull string at the top. I just had to have one too. I ALWAYS had to be like Nicole. So I got one! Then we made our plans with them. We couldn't take them to the beach because we weren't going, so we decided we were going to run away.

There was a cornfield behind our house still at that time, and we were going to pack cans of soup in our bags and run away into the cornfield.

Who knows where in the world we planned to go...the river was on the other side.

However, we decided not to go....I don't remember why, but I'm sure it had SOMETHING to do with no more mac n cheese! ;)


Emily's Tree

Here are a few more pics of Emily's tree:

(This one is our favorite):


Idol Worship

"Idol worship" took on a whole new meaning last night as the contestants fnished the night of Idol Gives Back with "Shout to the Lord". I loved it! It was so awesome to hear a worship song sung on American Idol! They took out "Jesus" and replaced it with "Shepherd"....but there is no denying this major worship song. This song is sung in churches all across the nation every week, and to hear it on Idol....AMAZING!

I've been thoroughly pleased with this season...from Jason singing "Hallelujia" to Dolly Parton's songs about Jesus to "Shout to the Lord". It's been awesome.



Emily's Tree...

Has it's first flower!!! I am SO EXCITED! I have waited 2 years for this! It's beautiful! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

I'll post pictures when Bob gets them on the computer! :)


Don't you just love....

that feeling of KNOWING without a DOUBT that your prayer was just answered?!

I'm here at work and there's a particular account that I am having difficulty with. I emailed Bob and told him I needed him to pray for me to have wisdom on the account so that I could get it done and move on to other things. Within the hour my problem was figured out down to the penny! Everything fell into place, God moved mountains and the account is done.

6434.14 is a beautiful number to me! :)

I so many times forget to ask God for help at He doesn't fit or it's silly to ask. But it's not. I asked, Bob prayed too, and He listened!

I want to run around and tell everyone what He did just now. I can't (it's tax time and I'd be killed) but still, just knowing He spoke to me in that manner, is AMAZING!

Confession #73

Our newspaper read (I don't know if it still does, but I assume it does) "First newspaper west of the Alleghenies".

So I'm sitting at the table (a teenager) and tell my mom "hehe, we're the first paper west of the ... (let me spell it out the way I said it ...)a leg and knees!" I got a big kick out of that word!

No one ever told me anything in school about the Allegheny Mountains! Let alone how to pronounce it! Looks like 'a leg and knees' to me!

Also, I thought Socrates was 'so crates'....just like Bill & Ted.

Sometimes I don't know how I function!

Jasmine is....


Thanks to Bobby and his girlfriend, Nicole, Jasmine has a new home as of Saturday afternoon! Nicole's mom took her. I hope she is doing well over there. She's not too fond of change, but she's a good cat.

Thanks again, guys!

Maleah doesn't know what to do now that she is allowed to go in the laundry room and down the hallway! :)


Confession #72

Unless there is a time in my life when I was little that I don't remember....

A couple of weeks ago Bob and I went through a drive-thru car wash on Western Ave. and it was my first time going through a drive-thru car wash. Bob is completely baffled at this. But my dad always washed our cars himself. And my mom and I would take her Lumina through the car wash on Bridge and they send it through for you.

So I was a drive-thru car wash virgin for almost 27 years....

It was freaky. Not looking forward to the next time!