Confession #81


So I don't swear...and I really never have (save trying to be "bad" in high school - very short-lived). It always felt awkward and unnatural.

Well, I began reading Stephen King books when I was about 12 or 13 years old....and if you've never read them...they have ALOT of swearing in them!

Well, as I read them I would feel bad because to me reading the words was just as bad as saying the I developed an internal conversion chart....where each word had a "substitute" word that I would use in its place (ex: the "S" word would automatically be converted to "shoot" and so on and so forth). Well, apparently I was very good at it...because I STILL do it to this day. I told Bob I can be reading a Christian book that mentions Hell and my mind still reads "heck" first...(Of course in the Stephen King books it wasn't used as the Christian books use it).

Same goes with reading things people put online with language I don't care for....My mind still converts all the words (which is actually very beneficial!) :)

Now....if only I could find a way to convert audible words....then I'd be all set! :P