Some Quick Updates!

Sorry it's been SOOOO long since I got on here. I know people are wondering about how things are going...

We had a huge virus hit us at our computers were down and now we're on a "lockdown" type mode. I don't feel comfortable getting on my blog at lunch or if it's not the Gazette's website...I'm not on it! Sorry for that because my time at home has been pretty limited too!

Bob's job is fine as far as we know. He said some people are still finding out here and there that they've lost theirs. He's heard nothing so far so we assume he's safe. Thank you all for your prayers! :)

Maleah is fantastic! She's 2 now of course. We had her birthday, and then little Corbin arrived on Kaitlyn's party day :) It was a hectic January, but things have calmed down since :) I'm done working Saturdays and am currently still working 5 days, hoping to get it down to 4 for a few weeks before our little Alex arrives. Maleah needs some "Me & Mommmy" days :) I miss those Fridays off with her :( Hopefully they come again soon.

She peed in the potty Friday night :) She's not potty trained, but I'm so proud of her for recognizing that she needed to go, and then going, even though some ran down her leg and she said she had to "poop". :) She's getting to be such a big girl!!!

Alex is doing well too. He moves around so strong in there! Sometimes it takes me off guard. It's such a blessing. This has been a much easier pregnancy than with Maleah. I'm sure Bob's thankful...I can still put on my own socks and shoes :) He was doing it for me long before this point with Maleah because of all the swelling. I'm almost 34 weeks...Maleah came at's SO CLOSE!!!! Keep us in your prayers that everything falls together in the next month. I've requested 12 weeks at work for maternity leave...and I'm not 100% sure if I was granted that or pray that I get my time to spend with my babies :)

We taught 4-5 year olds for the month of February during worship....have to say though I love those kids...I'm glad that is over for a few months! Talk about EXHAUSTING!

I'm pretty sure that's a small taste of everything. Oh, and my dad helped paint and do Alex's room....He painted the George's for us to put on the walls...he is so awesome!!!!! :)


Do Not Worry....

"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."
-Matthew 6:34

It seems such a simple verse...and really is true to our lives...but how do we stop worrying? In this time in our country, I think we all find ourselves doing just that. So how do we stop? I wish I could answer that question. I could say "just believe God's word" but the truth is, I read it, I know what it says, and I'm still scared out of my mind. Bob got an email this morning...regional jobs will be lost...We won't know until Monday who...but it's terrifying. I don't want to worry. I don't want the fear of what hasn't even happened yet control my now. I don't want to anticipate the bad to the point that I make myself sick, only to later find out that everything is ok...

I have to believe that whether he loses his job or not...everything will STILL be ok. I can look and say "I don't know how". Insurance costs would kill us to go with my well as many other small issues we could list all day long...but the truth is, there really is no point in worrying about it right now. We may as well just wait and deal with it when we find out for sure.

Believing that God will take care of us, and that His plan is greater than anything we could ever have in mind for ourselves....those are things I can trust in when I can trust in nothing else.

Bottom line....GOD IS IN CONTROL.

:) Amen to that! :)