Confession #19

Little Ninja

I am the middle of 3 children...Stacy is 3.5 years older, and Bobby is 3 years younger. Growing up, Bobby loved Ninja Turtles, Mortal Kombat...anything ninja related. He also had a temper. And Bobby, I'll admit, there were times when we provoked you (a confession inside a confession - WOW). Stacy and I used to be terrified of him when we were home alone. You never knew WHAT he was going to do! He had put a hole in his door, our parent's door, AND in the wall! So it didn't matter if we were bigger...he was definately stronger. Until one day that is....

There was a day where he was being particularly horrible. He kept getting angry and chasing us. So what was our solution??? We got strings from our hooded sweatshirts...and we tackled him...and tied him up! We tied him up with the strings until he promised us he would behave. We still laugh about that to this day....Though maybe Bobby doesn't laugh so hard....

Sorry Bobby!!!


3 Months Old!

Maleah is 3 months old today. Unbelievable. Totally amazes me. I cannot believe it! She is amazing. Her fussiness is dissipating, which is fantastic, and she has so much personalty and little quirks already! She's totally unbelievable! She'll be a total personality and she is just SOOO happy! Just look at her!!!!!!!!!!



Bottom 3 prediction...Chris R., Lakisha and Sanjaya with Phil as the floater. Hopefully Phil got enough votes to stay this week. He did well. I would love for this to be the week that Sanjaya goes home...who knows who it will be this week! I'm going to go out on a limb and say LaKisha will go, if not Sanjaya. Let's see how it pans out....

Confession #18

I didn't used to like church. Sure, I love it now. Love Sunday School, love worship, love the people there, Pastor is awesome, love being so in God's presence....But long, long ago (20 years actually), I did NOT like it. When I was around 5 years old, we went to VBS at Jefferson Ave. church. It was my first church experience. The first day in class, I was crying...and some mean boy kept making fun of me. I couldn't stop crying. So I had to sit on the lap of one of the teachers. It was awful! I remember sitting at the table, my head down in my arms, crying but not wanting anyone to see, and that kid running his mouth! Things must have gotten better because I don't remember anything else until the end of the week. One of our projects we got to do was to paint these big ceramic bunnies. They were very big to me....probably about 5 inches long, and 3 inches high. I remember being so excited when I went to pick mine up....and it was GONE. Someone took it!!! I couldn't believe it! So what did they give me instead??? A tiny bunny, about 1.5" tall, sitting on a small wooden block. Whoopee! Church was not something I wanted to go back to after that. My mom would mention that we should go...and I would say no, we don't need to...whatever I could to get out of it. I feared something going bad again.

Satan works hard to keep you out of church...but don't let him stop you. God is the most wonderful thing in the world, and if Bob hadn't come into my life, who knows how long it may have taken for me to find Him.



Sometimes I can't help but wonder...why did God create bugs? Creepy-crawlys??? Seriously, did they HAVE to make it on the arc? Thank goodness for Jasmine. She was running around the house like an idiot last night, and it was really irritating because Maleah was in bed. This morning, however, what do we find in the hallway???? A house centipede! Do you have any idea how NASTY those things are??? EEEWWWWWW!!!! While Maleah's room was being worked on last summer, we kept finding them in our bedroom, and I could NOT sleep without a light or TV on. SO GROSS!!! So thank goodness, she took care of it for us last night! THEN, I have Maleah on her changing table and out from behind her new bookshelf comes this HUGE spider. Double EEEEWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! Thankfully, Bob took care of it! So I will forever ponder the question as to why there are so many of these nasty creepy, crawlys. I know God had a good reason...He always does....but can I just say.....


Confession #17

My New Fav TV Shows!

I've had a lot of shows that I enjoy sitting down and watching over the years....many, many shows. Here we are...Maleah only 6 days shy of being 3 months old, and already my evening entertainment is Dora the Explorer, Go, Diego, Go and The Backyardigans. And you know what??? It's by CHOICE! It's on Noggin when I come home from work...and I leave it. They are wonderful shows, and as Maleah continues to grow, I will interact with her more and more. The shows themselves are interactive, but it's not enough. The parents must be interactive too! The shows are really awesome! They are so enjoyable to watch! So if you're ever sitting at home between 4:30-6:00, turn it to channel 148 (if you have TimeWarner) and I assure you that you too will have a great time!


Confession #16

Mud Buckets...

My mom and dad used to go out to KC Raceway on Saturdays in the summertime, and my Uncle Johnny would watch us. Well, one day, we must have been bored or something. Nicole was over (no one was home at her house) and she, Stacy and I got the bright idea to take our Halloween pumpkin-face buckets and mix mud in them. That's not sooo bad...but THEN we decided to take them over to Nicole's house, sneak upstairs to her closet, and hide them there. Why? Why you ask??? We don't know!!!! They were in that closet until Nicole moved out I think. I don't know why we did it. Apparently mixing mud sounded like fun, but storing it??? Buckets of dirt in her poor closet!? Why would we DO that???


Confession #15

Fear and Dogs:

When I was in Kindergarten we lived on Knowles Avenue...that's just right down by the paper mill. Our neighbor up the street, Phyllis, had to take me to school one day. I don't remember why. Anyway, I was terrified of dogs and there was a dog over by the kindergarten entrance to Tiffin. Little white thing, but it scared me to death! So we were heading for the main entrance doors. The dog came running over, so of course I tried to run from it. So there I am in the walk up to the main entrance...running in circles, screaming, the dog behind me, chasing me. I have no idea how I got out of that situation...However, I DO remember fantasizing for years after about that particular incident, and how if I would have just run for the doors instead of in circles, I could have run in the school, and maybe, just maybe that dumb dog would have gotten smashed by the door. Gruesome, yes, but they scared me to death!

So fast forward a couple years to second grade. I am now attending McArthur Elementary. Our bus pulls up to the school, and lo and behold there is a dog at the entrance to the school. Of course! Why wouldn't there be??? So what do I do??? I get carried in to the school by the bus driver, Mrs. Seymour. I always thought she was mean as a kid....but turns out she was pretty nice. :)

Somewhere along the line, I got used to dogs. Thank goodness. Imagine Bob having to carry me everywhere just because of a dog!


Ok, American Idol this year doesn't deserve a whole lot of my time...but I do find it important to note that this may very well be the week that LaKisha could be in the bottom 3. I guess I predict that Phil or Haley will go home. Predictions have been so difficult this year, because Sanjaya (aka Samarja) should have been gone already. Geesh. Too much time is already wasted! We'll just have to see!


My Girl

Man, I love Maleah. Cannot even express how much. I love her and I miss her like crazy. Friday I went to leave for the tanning bed before work, and she had just woken up for the day. I could NOT walk out that door. It broke my heart that I even had to leave her that day. We had a pretty busy weekend, but still time with her was amazing. Then this morning she's awake again...sitting on Stacy's lap...watching me leave...It breaks my heart. I love my job. But there are days like this when I hurt to have to miss even a second of time with her. I would love to be home with her. To spend every day watching her grow up and become this wonderful person. It kills me that I miss 8 hours a day with her, and someone else gets to spend that time with her besides me. Mom's who get to stay home with their children are so lucky!

She is amazing. :)


Confession #14

I have serious bathtub-phobia. I have a "heavy duty" bath mat in the bottom of my tub, not that it does me any good, because I don't even stand in the tub in my bare feet. I wear flip-flops when I shower. When I am somewhere where I don't have my flip-flops, I stand on my tippy-toes on a washrag. I cannot stand to touch the porcelain either. Just the thought of bracing myself on the side of the tub....grabbing it with my fingers...Nasty! Creepy! And don't even get me started on taking a bath. The thought of sitting in the tub, my skin touching the porcelain, sends shivers down my spine. Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. There's a Friends episode all about enjoying taking a bath...I can't hardly stand to see someone else sitting in the tub on TV.

Poor Maleah...I hope I don't traumatize her!


Confession #13

I love Finding Nemo. Monsters, Inc. too...but there is just something about Finding Nemo. The colors, the bright, bright colors. Looking at them makes me so happy. I have a 2006 calendar with various Nemo pictures...and I am recycling it because I just LOVE having it up. Maggie at work even got me a Valentine's Day card last year with Crush on it (Crush is the turtle). It's great. It's awesome. There's just NO possible way to feel at all unhappy when you look at anything to do with Finding Nemo. :) Not to mention, it has wit and humor with no adult-tilted comments to keep you interested. It's an all-around totally AWESOME movie! If you haven't seen it yet...shame on you! :) If you it again! :)


Confession #12

Food has healing powers. Yes it does. When I was little (I would say 5 yrs. or less) I fell down the stairs at our house. An entire flight, 2nd floor to the 1st. I was standing on the landing kicking my foot out and watching my dress flow in the air, and my feet slipped out from under me and down I went. A whole flight of wooden stairs. Once my mom and dad checked me over, what did I get??? Candy corn! And I was ok.

When we lived in the manor, Stacy, Bobby and I were riding our bikes down the sidewalk. I saw some dirt on the front fender, and thought it would be a marvelous idea to get it off while cruising down the sidewalk. My foot went between the fender and the wheel, and FLIP, over I went. Skinned my knee, ripping a whole in my black stretchy pants. My mom checked me over, and what did I get??? An ice cream sandwich! All better!!! However, Stacy and Bobby got one too (not fair! they didn't fall off of THEIR bikes!).

Ah, the healing power of food :)


Confession #11

When I was little, I always had this instinct to hide from that passed by the house. I would duck below the porch rail, hide behind a tree, do whatever I could do to not be seen. It became an impulse...Act first, think later. I don't know why I did it...I just did. (I am reminding myself right now that telling these things about myself is therapeutic in some way.)

It wasn't long after Bob and I got married...we were still in the apartment...He had this webcam that he loved using. He was talking with Matt and had the webcam on. We had ordered pizza. The delivery man came to the door, and, for whatEVER reason, I felt that urge to hide. Act first, think later. So I ducked behind the counter. Bob got the pizza, everything was good. Everything anyway until Matt asked Bob what I was doing. He had seen me on the webcam hiding from the delivery guy! Could Bob bve kind to his new wife and tell him I dropped something, or that I was looking for something??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! That would ease the humiliation I would suffer! Nope. He told Matt what I had done. I shake my head. To this day I do not like the pizza delivery person to see me. I don't duck behind any more counters though. Now I just stay out of eyesight. Learned my lesson that day.

And Bobby, if you read this, don't you dare laugh! You would hide behind a 12" tall pine tree in the front yard! :)