My Apologies...

With little time during the day I've been facebooking more than blogging...not that I don't want to blog...there's just not enough time! Hopefully I'll get there soon. :) Sorry! :(


My Man...

My little man was a big man last night...he slept unswaddled for the first time and didn't wake up any more than usual :) He did fantastic! Loves to lay on his side with his bug (pacifier) and lovey (burp cloth). He did just wonderfully! He gets his first haircut (trim) this's down below his eyes already! He's just so awesome!!!



Well, I started back to work...then my back got worse...and I was off Thurs. last week (closed Friday). I'm back this week and nice and busy, which makes those 4 hours go fast. I miss my babies...and love coming home to Maleah's loving hugs and excited "Mommy's home!" Alex sees me and grins and gets so excited, and he talks so big now! I can't wait to show more pictures...there's one my dad took that is SOOOO Alex!!!

I am so thankful to be home with the kids. I couldn't ask for anything more. Alex is snoozing and Maleah's getting her babies ready for us to give them bubble baths :) We are gonna have a great time! It'll be fun to get her outside when Alex wakes up too! :)

I am so incredibly blessed. God is so good. That's such an inadequate statement to describe how thankful I am. But the extent of my thankfulness bursts from my heart, and I know He knows!

It was awesome seeing all of my family last week. Maleah likes to lay on our table and point out who everyone is in the picture. She hasn't forgotten hardly anyone. Even the two Cole's don't confuse her :)

It's a beautiful day today! I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am :)

Remember....SMILE! :) If you don't feel like it, do it anyway! And if you keep doing it, eventually you won't even realize you are! :)