Confession #30

There was one day...a LONG time ago...when my family came up from Alabama to visit. This was when my Aunt Pat*T was still married to my Uncle I was in elementary school. Maybe around 2nd/3rd grade. Anyway, they got in town and Uncle Steve said we're all going to play hooky tomorrow! Everyone was VERY excited! So the next day came, and I would watch EVERYTIME a grown-up would go outside...go down to the basement...and all day long I waited...and waited...and waited...I waited to play hooky. I figured it must be a pretty awesome game for everyone to be SO excited about it! Dumb old me! No one told me that hooky was just cutting school! I was VERY disappointed that we weren't playing a game! :(

I tell ya, I'm an idiot sometimes! Well....maybe a little more than that... :)


Confession #29

I killed a bird. That's right. And the worst part is, I feel so bad about it!

We were on our way to the Feast last night...Bob, Maleah and myself. We're driving down Mulberry Street, just about to pass Matt's house. There's this really cute little birdie sitting in the middle of the road. I'm probably going about 20 mph, and figure he'll fly away, so I don't start braking or anything. I'm getting closer, closer, closer....and he just sits there and looks at me. I thought I missed him as my car went over him...but he must have tried to fly away at the very last second. I look in my rearview mirror...and there he is, flattened on the road. Another bird flew over to it in that second. He had to watch the whole thing happen! I went to the tanning bed first thing this morning, and sure enough, there he was...flat as a pancake on the road. Poor bird :( I can't say he didn't know what hit him, because he saw my beast of a car coming. :( Bob said "I didn't feel a bump or anything." That's because my giant tires squashed him like a bug! Poor little birdie! Thank goodness Maleah doesn't know what her mommy did!

I have a past with killing animals....Not too long after we moved into our house, I was turning onto our road (in the MIDDLE of town!) and I ran over a turtle! Ew! I heard the crunch and everything! I felt bad about that too, but atleast I didn't see him looking at me in his final moments!


Powerful, Indescribable, Amazing....You MUST see this.

Strength was shown to me in a new way today...through an email forward. I thought I would share it with everyone...

It's been said that one picture is worth a thousand words. How many words is this one worth?

This amazing picture has drawn a lot of comments from readers of the Nashville paper, The Tennessean.

See Jay's letter below.

Dear Tennessean:

The Tennessean's April 5 photograph of young Christian Golczynski accepting the American flag from Marine Lt. Col. Ric Thompson is one of the most moving and emotion provoking images I have ever seen.

My wife and I attended funeral services for Christian's father, Staff Sergeant Marcus Golczynski, on April 4, along with our six year-old son, dozens of Marines, and several hundred others who came to pay tribute to this fallen hero.

As one would expect, many of your readers were touched by this incredible picture. Staff Sergeant Golczynski had previously served one full tour in Iraq . Shortly before his death on March 27 he wrote to his family that he had volunteered to do this a second time due to our deep desire to finish the job we started. In his letter he said, "We fight and sometimes die so that our families don't have to." Tragically, Staff Sergeant Golczynski had only two weeks remaining on his second tour. We look at the photograph of Christian every day. It is displayed prominently in our home. Our hearts ache for Christian and for all those who have lost loved ones in this controversial conflict.

Our nation is at a historical crossroads. Do we call an end to the struggle in Iraq or press on? Staff Sergeant Golczynski eloquently told his son how he felt about not giving up. Perhaps there is a lesson for all of us in this man's life and the choices he made. He was undeniably a man of tremendous courage and conviction. America must now choose whether to complete the job.

When looking at the face of Christian Golczynski I am reminded that doing what is right is not always easy and doing what is easy is not always right. Christian's dad knew that too.

James Drescher

Franklin , TN


Confession #28

This takes the cake. :) Literally.

Nicole used to live across the street from us. Stacy and I went over to her house one day and we decided to make a cake. There was an orange cake mix in the cabinet (don't ask me why orange...). Anyway we made it. Then, for some reason, we thought we would get in trouble...(don't ask me why). So we proceeded to try to eat the entire thing...

I don't remember enough about this day to remember WHY we were so fearful of getting in trouble...Were Stacy and I over there when we weren't supposed to be? I can't imagine that's it...

Did we think Carol was going to yell at us? Possibly....

I truly, truly do not remember! I just remember trying to scarf that nasty orange cake down!


Confession #27

I was reading all of my poems and short stories that I have written throughout my 26 years. I wrote a story for school in the 8th grade called "Trick or Treat". I was curled up on the loveseat after Maleah went to sleep last night reading it while Bob went through bill stuff. I LOVED writing scary stories. It was so awesome. I was a huge Stephen King fan, and "Fear Street" by RL Stein before that. I am such a dork. I got SO scared reading my own story. I couldn't go to the back of the house until Bob was with me, and he even had to stand in the hallway while I went to pee...just incase someone was hiding in that back bedroom (hey, it was dark in there!). So, yes, CONFESSION. I am such a chicken. A dumb 8th grade story scared me!!! Come on! Grow up, Miranda!

I can't help it. My imagination is so OVERACTIVE. I picture everything I read. Creepy!


Confession #26


Well...not only do I do weird number stuff...I also provide various numbers/letters/colors with a male/female gender. Don't ask me why. That opens a whole new can of worms (WORMS??? ew, yuck!!!).

Red - female
Blue - male
Purple - male
Yellow - female
Green - male
Orange - male
White - female
Black - male

1 - male
2 - female
3 - male
4 - male
5 - male
6 - female
7 - female
8 - male
9 - male
10 - male

A - female
B - male
C - female
D - male
E - female
F - female
G - female
H - male
I - male
J - male
K - female
L - male
M - male
N - female
O - male
P - male
Q - male
R - male
S - female
T - male
U - male
V - male
W - male
X - female
Y - male
Z - male

Again, no rhyme or reason that I know's just something that goes on inside my head...Well, there's LOTS of stuff that goes on inside my head. Trust me. You DON'T want to venture too deep!


Confession #25


Everyone who REALLY knows me knows that food is a big issue for me. Whether it's sharing it or eating it. It takes me FOREVER to eat anything. I eat very slowly. Partly just because I like to and partly because I can't help it. I don't like eating most meats...they're difficult to chew. Lots of food gets stuck in my teeth, and I don't like that either. But like everything else...I have a weird way of eating...

I don't ever BITE into my sandwiches...

Peanut Butter (NO JELLY) - I have to make pb half sandwiches, spreading a thin amount of peanut butter on bread, folding it in half. Then I tear the crust off. I start with the top because it's my least favorite. Then work my way down. From there, I tear my sandwich in half, so my 2 halves are equal. I proceed to squeeze each half, from the inside to the outside, nibbling the peanut butter that oozes out around the sides. I will do this with each half and save the squished, flattened piece of bread for last. :)

Lunchmeat Sandwiches - I tear into bites, eating all bites with crust first. Save the middle for last. And it MUST have deli-sliced cheese! Swiss and turkey on wheat...mmmm, mmmm, good!

Grilled Cheese - MUST be cut in 4 triangles. From there I tear the 2 pieces of bread apart, first eating the side that has NO cheese. Then I will eat the side with the cheese on it.

Hamburgers - I eat them plain with just cheese, sometimes dipping them in ketchup. I will eat the part of the bun with burger first. If there is a section of bun that is just bread and melted cheese...that I save for last. It's the best part.

Hot Dogs - Ah...the exception to the rule. I HAVE to bite into these if they are on bun. I will smother them in ketchup, then take a bite just down to the hot dog, leaving just bread and cheese, which I tear off and dip into the ketchup over the rest of the hot dog. When I eat them bunless...hehe...I will split them down the center, melt cheese in the cracks, and dip (smother) in ketchup!


Actual meals I have to eat one side at a time. If it's a burger and fries...the fries go first because they taste the worst if they just sit out. If it's a main dish with 2 sides, I eat the vegetable first (or cottage cheese) and then the potato (it almost always is) and THEN I'll eat the main dish. Why? Usually my main dish of my meal is my least favorite if I get filled up on's no big deal!

I pick the hamburger out of my hamburger helper and let Bob eat it.

I don't use hamburger in my spaghetti.


Have to eat it fast! Once it gets soggy, it's getting dumped in the trash!

Ritz Crackers/Cheez Waffies

They have cheese in the middle...YUMMY! I have to twist them the cracker/waffie with NO cheese on it...or the least amount if I've twisted it badly...and THEN I eat the good half!

Cheetos...I suck all the cheese off and make it soggy before I can chew and swallow. LOVE MY CHEESE!

Well, I guess that is enough weirdness to share for now! I FEEL BETTER...and maybe even a little hungry! :)


Confession #24

Fire drills.

It's been a long time since I've done a fire drill...

When I was in the 1st grade, I was attending Tiffin Elementary, and we had our first fire drill. I remember that day I was wearing my new purple sweater with my new purple dressy shirt underneath. I was so excited to have that nice new outfit! I had taken the outside sweater off and put it in my locker in the back of the room. Later on that day, the fire drill took place. Sure. Try to explain to a first grader what a drill actually IS before sounding the alarm and traumatizing the poor kid. I'm standing in line to leave the school, bawling my eyes out because my sweater was new and I didn't want it to get burned up! Poor Rachel Brown had to explain to me that it was ok, and that there wasn't really a fire.

Fire drills at home....we were assigned at school to practice fire drills at home so that we would be prepared if a fire ever occured. That is a GREAT idea! I went home and we all did a fire drill. My dad's red jacket was going to be the "fire" and then we would all be in different parts of the house, and had to act according to where the "fire" was located. Our bedroom door was right across the hallway from the kitchen doorway. We open the door when the fire alarm goes off, and I see the red jacket laying in the kitchen doorway, and how do I escape? I jump right over it!!! Such a moron I was! I cried after that I think. I felt like an idiot...that much I remember.

So what lesson have we all learned??? FIRE SUCKS!!!!

Confession #23

Gym...the good, the bad, and...well...the bad.

I hated high school. It was awful. I was teased and made fun of, so I spent the majority of my years trying to blend into the background, not making a peep, just trying to get by unnoticed. Most days it worked...some days it didn't...

Gym class...9th grade...We start of my year with gym class filled with people I don't know that are mostly "cool" kids. Our first gym sport to play was soccer. We were outside doing drills with the ball, taking turns kicking into the net. It was getting closer to my turn and I was getting anxious. My turn came up, and I went to kick the ball, and......fell. Tripped over my own dumb foot and fell down. I hadn't even been running...I was standing still! But that's not the worst part. The worst part was that when I fell I yelled "WOOOAAAHHHH!!!!" Sure, it's funny now. Laugh all you want, but that earned me misery for the 1st half of my freshman year!

Gym class...10th grade...Here we go again! ANOTHER gym class filled with the "popular kids" and me off somewhere to the side. One of our sports that year was hockey. We played indoor hockey in the school's rubber gym. Plastic sticks...foam balls...AND I was actually pretty good! It was nice to have something I was good at. So, we're in gym class, and we're all going for the ball. I don't hold back here either :) We all hit the ball and all of a sudden it disappears. Completely. It's not on the one stole's nowhere to be found! We're all turning around in circles looking for it. And fell out of my shorts! Apparently when we all hit it, it shot straight up my shorts! I was the culprit! I think it was the only time in my 2 years that I actually had fun in gym class. It was something we all laughed about!


Confession #22

The Lipsticks.

I wrote Bob's 3BT for I'll connect it to this confession!

What are the Lipsticks, you ask? That was Nicole, Treiva and myself...we formed our own group! We would stand on the back patio at my mom and dad's and "perform". I don't remember what we sang, or how we danced...I've blocked all of that from my memory for a reason. :) But we loved it! It was fun. 3 Girls, No singing abilities and Too much time! Hopefully we didn't put too many people through that horrible torture of listening to us!

If we did...we're sorry!


Confession #21

I cried like a baby last night over a TV show! Well...near wailing is more like it I guess...Gilmore Girls is ending with a series finale next Tuesday. Last night Logan (who has been dating Rory for the past 3 years) asked her to marry him. She just graduated from Yale and he just got a job on the West Coast. I have been WAITING for this moment. Then what does she do? She turns him down! Seriously...WHY ARE THE WRITERS DOING THIS TO ME????? It's a series finale people! Give me what I want! I expect happy endings! They love each other! You are trying to prove a point that a man can't hold a woman back!? Come on!

Sorry...had to vent there. Anyway, I was devastated. Cried like a baby. Poor Bob had to come sit next to me and put his arm around me. Total devastation. I was SOOO upset. :(


She is just so awesome and beautiful that I wanted to share her. These are some of our more recent pictures. She's so great. I cannot put into words how much I love her. Only a parent can understand this love...You THINK you get it...but until you have your own never REALLY do. She's unbelievable. She's a busy-body, always moving those arms and legs. She also likes to be home, relaxing with her mom and dad. :) She's "talking" to us in her own language, and even likes to try to mimic some of what we do with our hands and such. She just loves to be home and have all the attention on her :) She has her normal napping schedule too. She's just awesome awesome awesome. And when we say "GO BUCKEYES" she smiles and gets all excited. A true Buckeye fan :)

Confession #20

I'm a scaredy cat. Don't know if that's the right way to spell it, but that is most definately what I am. I have an over-active imagination. I am almost 26 years old, and it's unbelievable, sometimes I feel like I'm 4!...No, wait...I think I'm even more scared than 4 year olds!

I hate dark when I'm walking thru the house and it's dark...I sometimes get this feeling that someone's behind I run to the room that Bob is in. Yes, it's true. I RUN. I shut all the curtains before dark...especially if I'm the only one home, for fear of what may be out there. I cannot walk to a dark window at night for fear of what may be looking back at me.

The cabin that Bob and I always rent this weekend in May is a beautiful cabin with lots of windows...which is good until it's dark. Then all of a sudden I feel like I'm on display...and something evil is out there watching...waiting...Creepy!

Last night was a perfect example of what a chicken I am. We had our curtains open because it was warm in the house. We woke up about 345 to the power going off and back on, and what sounded like a gun shot. No lie, it sounded like a gun shot. So then I realize I have a full bladder...and I just could NOT bring myself to stand up and walk out of the room...because the curtains were open. Bob said it was probably the transformer...but would I listen? NO. I was convinced someone was out there with a gun and if I stood up they'd see me. Poor Bob had to stand up and go around the room just to shut the curtains for me. He's so sweet! I'm so glad he still loves me despite this sort of stuff!

I hope the rest of you still like me after you read this!