Too Much For Words...

Our kids are awesome. Totally awesome. I have missed blogging and telling you all about them and what they are up to. I'm going to try to do that now...

Sometimes Alex "talks" with his mouth it's more like a big groan.

Maleah asks "Why?" but doesn't know why she's asking it half the time.

Alex is all boy but squeals like a little girl sometimes. It's soooo funny!

Maleah loves to play pretend, with her dollhouses, or even just her hands :)

Alex has had to hold a lovey since he was a month old!

Maleah still doesn't eat much...but I think we're up to about 6 total foods!

****I recorded the above on August 18th and never got to finish my post...How sad :( These two are amazing and I miss blogging but they are so much more fun :) ****

Maleah is talking so big....full sentences and all. She remembers everything...even showed me where she hid when she drew on her pants this morning. :) She knows to hide but doesn't know not to tell ;) That's a good thing :) She's eating better and sleep is on and off good....but she is amazing. We've watched her turn from this baby to this big kid. She doesn't like to play alot with kids her own age....but babies she adores, older kids she tries to be like, and adults she does ok with once the shyness is gone. She's polite most of the time and only throws fits when she's tired or hungry. She has quite the personality. She still asks why and doesn't understand why she's even when she does that I just ignore her :) She loves to take pictures of everything and does a wonderful job at it too :) She loves to paint and color and draws very good faces for a 2 year old :) She can operate the computer with ease, playing games on, typing messages and sending faces to her daddy on Yahoo Messenger and pulling up and watching her iTunes shows and DVDs. She loves Miss Amy at church and calls it "Miss Amy's House". She has begun praying over her meals, the "God is great" prayer....and is so proud of herself for it. She loves her mommy and daddy. She is a totally mommy's girl at the moment...hardly allowing anyone else to do anything for's all mommy. She adores her baby brother. She takes care of him, being the first to go in his room when he wakes from a nap, turning off his fan and telling him "Hi buddy, Hi, Nice Boy". She asks for her Gramma every day and called her Papa yesterday to tell him "Who-Dey!!!" after the Bengals won :) She is an amazing little girl and I am so blessed that the Lord would allow me to spend even a moment of my day with her.

Alex is so big! You have no idea! He has this mop on top of his head...he's had 3 trims so far and I think we'll have to go full-blown cut. It's so thick it looks like a (phonetically) two-pay :) (have NO idea how to spell that!). It's a beautiful reddish brownish orange and just gorgeous. He's as silly as I've ever seen for a 6 month old. He loves playing "Peeky-boo" with Maleah and cracks up at her. He talks to her all the time. Baby Jacey at our friend's house was crying (2 weeks old) and he was mimicking her because he thought she was talking to him. He loves to squeal and has started to growl too. He's just in the last week or two started to say "Mamamamama" which I am thrilled with :) He eats up to 3 jars per meal on his baby food stage 1's and as soon as these are all eaten, he's ready for stage 2 :) He's been opening his mouth for food since he was about 2 months old so I'm not surprised at his eating :) He's been wearing 6-9 month clothes for about a month...he's SOOO long. Currently over the 95% on height....Bob says wide receiver for the Buckeyes :) He's just begun sitting up, he rolls from one side of the living room to the other with ease...and oh so fast. :) He gets to excited to get a bottle...he'll cry like there's no tomorrow and as soon as that bottle is in sight, his body starts shaking and he exhales these little breaths until he gets it...perfectly calm in half a second. He loves attention and will do whatever he has to do to get it. He loves to turn upside down....which I think he's too young for, but he doesn't care :) There are no boundaries for him :) He gets so excited to see his Papa, flailing and jumping in your arms until he takes him. He cries almost every day when I get home until I pick him up....a mama's boy I guess :) He's such a good boy and just so pleasant to be around :) He's observant always watching everything and wants to be big so bad! I thought having Maleah was a blessing, but you add a second...Alex is so different and so amazing in his own ways. He has made our family complete.

When people ask me about my kids, most of the time I can just smile and say "They are awesome" because my heart explodes with love and pride over them and if I get started talking about them I can hardly stop. They are amazing. God is so good. How someone can look at these miracles and not know that there is a Creator out there....whom we should be bowing down and thanking every day that He would allow us to be in the presence of something so precious.

If you haven't gotten to be around should :) These are two of the most amazing individuals God has ever created :) Golly, we just love love love them :)

(Sorry for the long I said, once I start, it's hard to stop!)

Just a few....