Confession #62

One night Bob and I were outside after dark standing by my was a beautiful night and you could see so many stars in the sky. It was BEAUTIFUL. Then in the neighbors yard we started hearing footsteps...something moving through the grass. We got really still and quiet...and listened...It stopped and then we could hear it more...getting closer....closer...but we couldn't see anything because the moon wasn't out. Then we started hearing it make a weird throat noise...and it got closer and closer...and got faster and faster....

It was.........


We felt so silly...but we got a huge laugh out of it! We were frightened by a baby deer. Not this one...but isn't he cute???

Confession #61

Sorry....thought this was already posted! Melissa's...we were cleaning up the house. Her mom and George were out for the night on a we were just having fun. We ALWAYS cleaned her house. So we were cleaning out the fridge and there was an open bottle of strawberry wasn't a big bottle, and it looked like a drink had been taken out of it. We were getting ready to dump it, when Melissa decided we should drink it. I didn't want to...but when your BFF wants to do do it. So we took turns taking drinks of it until it was gone. Then we pretended we were "drunk" off of it...because you were supposed to be drunk after drinking alcohol. All I did was overexert myself and wear myself out for an early bedtime. We weren't drunk. We were probably extra stupid and it was probably non-alcoholic anyhow. We just thought we were SOOO daring and courageous that we would be so brave to drink such a thing!

I wasn't drunk. That was the only alcohol I've ever had (if it WAS alcohol) and I have NEVER had nor wanted to have any since.

Again....I am SOOOO sorry! That's the end, I promise!

Now....aren't we glad that Melissa and I didn't stay friends???


Dippin' Strips are Back Baby!

Yeah!!! Woo-hoo!!! I am so excited! Dippin' Strips are an awesome food from Pizza Hut. They are a pizza, with regular pizza toppings, sliced breadstick style with 3 dipping sauces - ranch, garlic, and marinara. They are AWESOME! We haven't had any in a long time because they're "limited time only" (huge eye roll here from me). :) They are SOOOO good! You MUST try them if you haven't already. They are tonight's dinner....and I am so excited!

You can order them at or you can call locally and order them!


Oh...and did I mention that I'm excited? Because I am EX-CI-TED!


Sin is not Justifiable

I was reading a news story about a man who was convicted of a 4th degree felony. That got me thinking of how we rate crimes depending on how bad we think they are. There's 1st degree murder, 2nd degree....there's manslaughter, there's involuntary manslaughter. A man who kills his wife is punished more harshly than a woman who murders her husband....we GRADE everything. I may have cheated on my spouse...but that's not AS BAD as someone who commits atleast I'm not AS BAD as that person...etc, etc, etc.

That got me thinking about sin. Sin is the same in God's eyes no matter what it is. My lying is just as bad as someone else's adultery. God doesn't RATE sin.

James 2:10
For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.

That's a hard concept for us to wrap our minds around. I heard an analogy once that I thought was fantastic...and it really put it into perspective for me.

If you take a box of crayons and look at it from the front, some are totally worn down, some have been used a bit, and some not at all. They all look different. BUT if you take that same box, and hold it and look down at the crayons, they all look the same.

That is how God sees sin, it's all the same. Don't go through life thinking "I may have done [this], but "So & So" did [this much worse thing] because then you are justifying your sin through comparison. It doesn't work that way. Sin is not justifiable. Not by a long shot. So just don't try to do it!

Today's Confessions

I posted 2. I had to post 2 because I knew my mom would want to read them together. They are my deepest "confessions".

I just ask that you remember that this was 12 years ago!

Confession #60

Melissa stories....they get WORSE....apparently being an awesome friend doesn't mean she was a fantastic influence!

Again, to my mom, this is the WORST thing I've ever done and not told you about....I am sorry!

In 9th grade I had a "boyfriend" for a month named Junior. Well, his real name was Kevin...but hey, Junior fits. We were "boyfriend/girlfriend" for a month...though I barely said a word to him during the day. He lived across the street from Melissa. I was feeling the pressure that I should have my first kiss...I had a boyfriend...Melissa had a boyfriend...she'd been kissed...why not me? So I concocted this brilliant idea in my head...I would "accidentally" miss the school bus and then go to Melissa's house until someone could pick me up. Easy enough plan. The problem? I never added in my plans to call my mom after the bus left and let her know I was walking home with Melissa. So I finally got ahold of her when we got to Melissa's (no kiss, by the way - which was FINE WITH ME after all!) and I called my mom. I heard the fear in her voice, and then realized the biggest part of the entire mistake that I had made, and felt like the poo stuck to the gum stuck to the bottom of an old shoe sitting in a dumpster just waiting to be tossed out for good. It sucked. I terrified her, made a really dumb mistake, hurt her, hurt myself...and all for NOTHING. Literally. I think we broke up the next week anyhow.


Again, I'm so sorry I never fessed up to this sooner. I feel like a heal. I promise the next one is the last!

Confession #59

Speaking of's another one...

I apologize to my mom before she even reads this...This is one of a couple deep confessions I've been holding onto....

One other time I stayed at Melissa's house and we were going to the movies. I had never been on a date before, and we were going to be sneaky and have her mom drop us off at the theatre, where we would meet up with Melissa's boyfriend Matt and my "date" Scott. We were on our way...I wasn't too happy...It was going to be a "date" but I didn't even KNOW the dude...and it became increasingly obvious that her mom was tagging along. We stopped at McDonald's, bought the food and her mom hid it in her purse. From there we went to the movies, where she stayed with us.

We walked in, and there were the guys (nope, Melissa's mom didn't know about Matt at that point either), so we darted into the bathrooms where we hid until her mom went ahead into the movie theatre. Then we told the guys we couldn't sit with them and that we were sorry (still didn't know the dude at ALL).

So my all technical first "date" included not talking to the dude and him sitting 3 rows in front of me with my best friend's boyfriend.

Thankfully I never got to know him. I don't think he was my type anyhow. :)

Oh, and I'm sorry I never told you this before!



Nope, not the TV show. Shocking, I know!

I love my friends. I don't have a ton of them...but the ones that I do have are awesome. Friends are very amazing. They laugh with you, cry with you, and when you're having a rough time...they are there for you. I have amazing friends...I don't know what I would do without them!

P.S. I also love "Friends". Have all 10 seasons on DVD. There's no better night spent than pizza and "Friends" with Bob...We have our favorite episodes we watch over and over again...

"The one that could have been"
"The one with Rachel's assistant"
"The one where they're up all night"

Just to name a few! :) If you haven't watched it you should. If you have, then watch it again! Just for fun! Bec's family and Bob and myself are the only Friends Freaks I know! :)


Confession #58

This one's for Matt!

One night I was staying at my friend Melissa's house...and we were listening to request and dedication on WKKJ. We kept trying to call in and request a song and we could NOT get through...So we started thinking of alternative methods to get through to the radio station. WAIT JUST A SECOND! we thought. It's a LOCAL station! So what did we do? We got the phone book...called the local number...and requested our favorite song! The problem? We had NO CLUE how radio stations worked and didn't realize it was a NATIONAL call-in show. So we felt like idiots...and just had to keep calling and calling until we got through!

Man, we were idiots!




1. compassionate feelings that support a willingness to forgive
2. the act of excusing a mistake or offense

No one deserves forgiveness, but everyone should be given it. Not forgiving someone only hurts yourself. Without offering forgiveness to those that have hurt us, we are not willing to experience the ultimate forgiveness that God allows us through the death of Christ on the cross. WE put Christ there. WE nailed his hands and feet to that cross. WE killed him. Through our sins. But what do we find? Forgiveness. Because we are loved by God that much. So then why is it that when someone hurts us, wrongs us, that we cannot extend that same unfailing forgiveness to them? Maybe you think they don't deserve forgiveness. But neither do you. Neither do ANY of us. We all need it. No matter what we've done. Through forgiveness we can begin to feel the unfailing love that God has for each and every one of us.

And let me also leave this verse:

Matthew 7:3-4
3"Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?

Dare we refuse to forgive someone for the very thing that we have done to them??? THAT is a hypocrite.


A New Favorite

I just wanted to tell everyone of a new favorite drink I've been making. I like milk alot, but sometimes white milk is just plain bland. SO I have started adding Fat-Free French Vanilla creamer to it. It's awesome! :)

Just wanted to share!


Watered Down

Pastor was speaking yesterday on how some Christians today are watered down. They're afraid of offending someone, anyone, everyone...they're afraid of stepping on toes and conscious of being PC about everything. He pointed out yesterday that Christianity is not PC. Thank you, Pastor! How funny that I had JUST posted that this past week. People are afraid to tell someone they're a sinner, to talk about sin, to talk about death, hell, anything "negative". They want the message to be positive. Well, what's more positive than my Savior dying on the cross for MY sins so that I could live eternally in Heaven? He died out of love. For me. And YOU.

Maybe not everyone likes that they have to tell someone when they're living in sin. Maybe not everyone likes that there are consequences for their actions, for their lifestyle. But you know what? That doesn't matter. Like it or not, it is what it is. God is God. Jesus is His Son, he died for you, and whether you accept that or not, he STILL died for you. People are afraid to tell someone that Jesus Christ IS THE way to Heaven...because some say it's not fair to say there's only one way.

I praise God that there is a way. I am undeserving. Like everyone else, I am a sinner. I am. You are. We ALL are. God didn't have to provide a way out. He didn't HAVE to sacrifice Jesus on that cross. But He did. Because He loves us. He loves me. He loves you.

My life is God's. I REFUSE to be watered down. I will step on toes. I will not be PC. I will tell you how much He loves you. I will remind you that Jesus died for you. I will not be too pushy, and push you away. I will pray for you. I will not apologize for my faith.

It is amazing when you trust the Lord...when you give Him your life. I hope that if you are reading this and you don't know Him, that you will.

Confession #57

I used to feel left out...shocker, right?

You see, I thought that Bobby was SOOO lucky because he had TWO middle names, whereas I had just ONE. You see, I heard in the house often enough...


I seriously thought Bobby was his first name, Paul and Robert were middle names, and then of course the last name.

The things we don't know......


Confession #56

I was never good at flirting...So it's a good thing that I found Bob when I did. It's honestly a wonder he stuck with me. My flirting capabilities were ZERO. I was like Ross on "Friends"...

Caitlin: Pizza delivery!

Ross: I'll get it! I will get that! (Runs over and opens the door.)

Caitlin: Hi!

Ross: Hi!

Caitlin: One uh, vegetarian pizza. That's $12.15.

Ross: Oh. Uh, by the way, if it makes you feel any better. I happen to like 8-year-old boys.

Caitlin: What?!

Ross: (I can't make it out.) The uh, your hair, before, your hair, you said you thought your looks like an 8-year-old's, and I'm just saying I like it. The hair.

Caitlin: Oh. Thanks.

Ross: You understand I don't actually like 8-year-old boys.

Caitlin: Y'know, all I'm looking for is the money.

Chandler: Here you go. (Hands her the money.) Now stop bringing us pizzas you.

Caitlin: I'm gonna try. (Walks away and Ross closes the door.)

....and later it continues....

Caitlin: (from outside) Pizza!

Ross: (running to the door) Oh, mine! Mine! Mine! (to everyone) Okay, here goes. Prepare yourselves for some Class A flirting.

Chandler: Okay, hold on. (Pauses as he readies himself.) Okay. (Walks away.)

Rachel: Honey, you have nothing to prove. And if you really like this girl, I don't flirting is the right thing to… (Ross interrupts and shushes her.)

Ross: You'll see. Okay. (Readies himself.) Oh, what's-what's her name?

All: Caitlin!

Grandma Tribbiani: Caitlin!

Ross: (He opens the door while faking a laugh.) Hey! Oh, we-we can't keep eating like this. (Monica turns her head in shame.)

Caitlin: It's uh, $12.50.

Ross: Okay, (gets the money) so, do you make the pizzas in one of those uh, wood-burning ovens?

Caitlin: No actually umm, I think that they're umm, gas.

Ross: Gas? Wow! Intense.

Chandler: (To Monica) If this is the way all the Gellers flirt, we don't have a problem.

Ross: (to Caitlin) Hey uh, y'know that smell gas has?

Caitlin: (wanting more than anything to get the money and leave this horrible, horrible place) Yeah.

Ross: They put that in.

Caitlin: What?!

Ross: The gas is odorless, but they add the smell so you know when there's a leak.

Caitlin: (getting more desperate to leave) Well okay!

Ross: A lot of other gas smells…

Chandler: Oh the humanity.

Ross: Meth-methane smells…

Caitlin: Y'know what umm, actually I, I really, I should go.

Ross: Oh but I-I-I haven't paid you yet!

Caitlin: Y'know what? That's okay, you guys have ordered so many that this one is on me! (Runs for her life.)

(Ross closes the door slowly.) now that you get the picture of how bad I really was at it, I will demonstrate. In 7th grade I liked this boy, Phil. We were in the same home-ec class. I wanted to talk to him but didn't know what to I thought and thought and thought of a lead-in to a conversation. I thought...I'm skinny...he's skinny...he has really small wrists like I do. SO the light bulb goes off in my head...people are always putting their fingers around my wrist...I'll do that to him! So one day, nervous as could be, I got up the courage to go to him, I grabbed his wrist and made a comment about how small it was. That was as far as the conversation went. I wasn't made fun of or anything (thank goodness) I just got a puzzled look, a "yeah" and that was the end of that.

Bob, thank you for making it easy on me! :)


Confession #55


We all look forward to vacation, don't we? Time to get away...away from school...away from work...relax...enjoy yourself...Well, that's the vacation I WANTED to have...It didn't turn out that way.

It was the summer of '96. I was so excited, we were going to the beach! My 2nd trip to the beach ever. AND to make things even more awesome, I got to take my best friend, Melissa, with me! WOO-HOO! We got there on a Saturday...Topsail Island, NC. Ahhhhhh...such a WONDERFUL place! Melissa and I were up early Sunday, as was everyone else, ready to have a FANTASTIC week. We applied our suntan lotion...and started with a long walk on the beach. When we got back, we grabbed a sandwich and went out to play in the water. We even made "butt holes" in the sand with Patty...Just divits where our butts were sitting. It was SOOO much fun!

By the end of the day we were worn out, and burnt. We didn't think it was that bad at was BAD! Neither one of us had remembered to REAPPLY our suntan lotion throughout the day. We could barely bend our knees to walk up the stairs it hurt so bad. SO I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday inside. Nauseated. Hurting. Sad.

Finally, on Thursday, I was able to go back outside (cautiously). I was so excited! The fun was going to begin again! I was walking down the deck to our beach, when OWWWWW!!!!!! I hit my toe on the deck rung. It hurt SOOOOO bad. I can tolerate pain, I had Maleah with no epidural...and this was PAIN-FUL! It was so bad I couldn't walk. My mom and dad had to take me to the doctor on the island...and yep, I sprained my toe. Doesn't sound too bad...but in some instances a sprain is worse than a break. I couldn't walk. :( I couldn't walk on flat surfaces, and I DEFINATELY couldn't walk on sand or stand in the ocean. I was miserable!

And to top it all great friend Melissa...she spent the whole week writing to her boyfriend back home. Blech!

Lesson to learn here??? Vacations aren't all they're cracked up to be!


Stepping on Toes

My good friend Chelsea said it best when she said "I am TIRED of being the quiet Christian. There is a better way, a more effective way, to do what God has put me here to do. Why am I wasting time not stepping on toes?"

She got me thinking....As Christians we SHOULD be stepping on toes. It's imperative in our Christian walk to not sit on the side and be the quiet Christian. We do not have to worry about following the PC guidelines...because Christianity in and of itself is not PC anymore. So toes....prepare to be stepped on!

There's this thing called the Romans Road to Salvation. Romans is a wonderful, incredible, awesome book in the Bible. See if any of the statements pertain to you and see your answers through God's word...

But I've done too many bad things....or....I've seen how the christians act, I'm better than that!....

Romans 3:10 - As it is written: "There is no one righteous, not even one."

But I'm a good person....or....I don't do bad things....

Romans 3:23 - "...for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God..."

Come on, I won't go to hell....or....You're telling me that if I don't believe what you're Bible says, that's it for me?....

Romans 6:23 - "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."

And you're saying Christ died for me?....or....He didn't even know me!....

Romans 5:8 - "But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

So how does this whole thing work?....

Romans 10:9-10 - "That if you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord', and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved."

So it's that simple?...

Romans 10:13 - "...for, 'Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved'.

The ABC's:

A - Admit that you are a sinner.
B - Believe that Jesus Christ is God's Son, was a sinless man who conquered death that we may have eternal life.
C - Confess your sins and accept him into your heart.


Here's the thing. We're all sinners. I'm no better than anyone else. None of us are. Salvation is attainable for anyone who opens their heart to God and is willing to step out in faith and trust Him. Please do that today. If you don't know Christ as your personal Savior, consider the words above. Open the book of Romans and read through. It's AMAZING how much God loves us. Step out and feel that love. Open your heart to Him and BELIEVE. It's incredible. He loves you SOOO much.

Confession #54

Remember when you read this...Confession is good for the soul, BAD for the reputation. Also one is perfect.

What Gives Me the Right???

I have a coworker that our personalities do not match at all. She's a different type of person than I am completely. We went to school together...and weren't friends then. Sometimes I find her annoying...and I tend to snub her. Not meanly, I just don't talk to her that much. I've not been super nice to her for some time now, if ever at all. What gives me the right to be that way???? Nothing. I am to be my best to everyone I meet. She has done NOTHING to me. I am ashamed of the person I have been towards her. Now I will change. Now I will be different. I will be who God would expect me to be. Though I don't agree with what she does or says all of the time, if I am not who God wants me to be, how will she ever see the wrongs? Does she see God's love in me? Does my attitude witness to her? I'm sure no, definately not often enough. I vow to be different. It's up to me to be willing.

Lord, I am willing.


Confession #53

When we were younger there was always something we wanted to be when we "grew up". Some wanted to be a firefighter (Bob), some a superhero, some teachers, soldiers, doctors....the list could go on and on. Some achieved their dreams, sticking to what they wanted to be from the beginning. Others later decided that such a field wasn't suited for them. I am one of THOSE people.

When I was little, I wanted to be.................a cook on TV. :) That's right. A cook on TV. That's not SO bad, I guess. But do you want to know WHY I wanted to be a cook on TV? Because I like to crack eggs open. I like the sound the shell makes as it separates. I love the way the yolk falls into the bowl in which you are preparing your mixture. I thought that job would be SOOOO AWESOME! Of course, it became a reality, because you can't get paid for baking frozen pizzas or macaroni on TV....which is the extent of some of my cooking ability. :)

So I became a bookkeeper instead. :) Thank goodness!


Confession #52

I feel that since my last post was in regards to grammar, that I ought to confess my flaws....

Bob caught me saying that someone is "being have" instead of "behaving" as if "have" is what you are doing. Even a grammar lover like myself isn't perfect! :)

Oh, and for Bec, I'll confess this...I also leave the -ing off of my words sometimes, and instead of saying something is "printing" I say it is "printin'". I apologize. :)

Overall I do ok though....


Confession #51

I love grammar. I love editing things and finding errors in books. I was reading a Christian fiction novel a few years ago called 'The Oath' and I flagged every page I found an error on...I think it ended up being 50 pages total. So what is my confession?

I get annoyed at people who put no effort into their speech/writing skills (or lack thereof). Am I talking about you? I doubt it. Well, unless you're Bob... :) No, some of it is writing and some of it is speaking....Examples:

it's = it is
its = its
I would not write "Its raining cats and dogs." It should say "It's raining cats and dogs." Why? Because it IS raining cats & dogs (well, not right now, but I WISH!)

you're = you are
your = your
I would not send someone a message and say "Your welcome" I would say "You're welcome." Why? Because you ARE welcome. :)

supposedly not supposably
Did Rachel go to the store? Supposably... NO! It's supposedly! It's that crazy appalachia speech that gets you!

have gone not have went
I have went to Kroger many times. NO!!! I have GONE to Kroger many times. I've noticed this one alot lately....Bob says it too often...I correct him constantly, but it never sticks!

it's pronounced:
WASHrag not WARSHrag
leash not lish
creek not crick

What is it that we cannot pronounce our E sounds? Must be that appalachia thing!

Thanks for listening! :)


Confession #50, Part 1

This is 50th confession. I'm doing part 1, Bob will take part 2...

The Grouse Nest

Bob and I decided years ago that we were going to begin taking a cabin trip the first weekend in May to Hocking Hills. It's a fantastic beautiful and peaceful. Our first year, we had gone hiking and bought some food for the cabin...but I just wasn't satisfied with frozen pizza and pop tarts. We wanted to be we set out to find the perfect mom and pop dining...something with some good home-cooking...a Bob Evans for the locals...Little did we know...

We remembered this particular sign just coming out of the area containing Cedar Falls as we were heading back to the cabin...It said The Grouse Nest and pointed us in the direction we needed to go. We figured that would be the perfect place to eat. I pictured rustic floors, little tables, checkered curtains...So we followed the signs, down this winding little one way gravel road...fear creeping in that we would never get back out.

We pulled up to this cute little restaurant all tucked away from everything...and we sat there....There were ZERO cars in the parking lot. It was dinner time and NO ONE was there. Should we turn around and try something else or attempt going to the door? I am one to run...but NO, we went to the door. Why come all this way and not go in? We walked in and looked around. Here I am wearing a mint green t-shirt with khaki capris and sneakers, Bob wearing a t-shirt and jean shorts, and this place has cloth table covers, cloth napkins, wine glasses...the works. Feeling so uncomfortable already, I was ready to bolt. But then comes the waitress. She asks us...get we have a reservation? A what? Reservation? We look around at the empty room (The Shining comes to mind) and Bob says no. No problem, she says. She sits us down and asks if we would like anything to drink. Water for both. Then she hands us our menus. It only gets worse. The menu stinks (not literally), nothing sounds remotely good to me, and the prices are OUTRAGEOUS. The waitress comes back, we say we need more time, and when she leaves the room, we bolt. I ran to the car, and I mean RAN, egging Bob to hurry up. There's no elegant way to casually leave an empty restaurant after being seated. I wanted to fly out of that parking lot as fast as I could. I was fearful someone would chase us, charging us for the water poured into the glasses. We could have just said we changed our minds...we had decided against the restaurant...but NOOOOO, that would have been uncomfortable (thick sarcasm here). So we just ran. I bet they thought two young kids couldn't pay for the meal.

Well, we ended up going to a tiny pizza place and ordering a pizza that took a good half hour to make.

Visit The Grouse Nest here.

It didn't end there gets better. They DID track us down...

Confession # 50, Part 2

Confession # 50, Pt 2.

As soon as we got back from the trip we were telling everyone the "Grouse's Nest" story. I was working at a call center for Adelphia at the time and told several of my co-workers. One person in particular, Tod, found it very funny. He made the comment that it would be funny if they tracked us down and charged us for something.

Picture a light bulb above my head glowing brightly.

I got off of work and sat down next to Miranda. We were talking about how our days went. A few minutes later the phone rings.

I answered the phone - as I usually do - and the voice on the other end said, "Mrs. Speakman, please". Right on time.

I handed the phone to her with a puzzled look on my face. She said "hello" and as she listened her eyes got bigger and bigger. Her jaw dropped as she thrusted the phone away from her face and towards me with so much force that I thought she'd hit me with it.

I got on the phone and pretended to be upset about the situation. After about a minute I revealed the truth. The person on the other end of the phone was none other than Tod.

What was he saying? Only that he was with the Grouse's Nest and that he got our license plate numbers and would be sending us a bill for a "seating fee and two waters". She looked sick when he said those words.

Thank you, Tod, for an enjoyable prank. We both appreciated it!



Confession Watch

Don't give up on me! I'm working on my big 50th confession...It's a good one. But it's going to take some composition time that I just don't have for a day or two. Keep watching for it though! Hint: It involves a nest, exercise and one great big laugh!


My Big Girl!

I am sitting here now as Maleah is sleeping in her bed. Unswaddled!!! This was her first night sleeping totally unswaddled since she was 4-5 weeks old! She'd had such a rough time with waking herself the swaddling continued. Last night, we put her in her sleeper and put her in bed and she seems so content sleeping on her little belly! She's just adorable. She woke up no more than any other night and where she used to get sooo warm on her back, I think her temperature is just fine! She seems so relaxed and so happy. It's probably the best sleep she's gotten in weeks!

I'm so proud of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"3T" - The Matrix, The Rapper, The Boxer

This was too adorable. Had to share with everyone! :)

The Matrix

The Rapper

The Boxer

There are no other words! Bet you're smiling now! :)


I think we all know negative people. Sure, we're all negative from time to time, but some people are negative ALOT. I found this article interesting. Give it a read if you have time and let's all think more positively!

Negative Thinking
‘Negativitis’ cripples the human spirit
Does it seem strange that some people COMPLAIN they don’t have enough TIME to be happy, yet they find enough time to be sad? Not really. You see, their deplorable plight has nothing to do with having sufficient or insufficient time. It has everything to do with complaining. After all, complaining is the negation of happiness. It’s impossible to complain and be happy at the same time.

So, beware of that insidious disease known as ‘negativitis’ (negative thinking). It is as pervasive as the common cold, but far more damaging. It mutilates, cripples, and corrodes the human spirit. Those infected by it are broken men and women aimlessly plodding along. The dark clouds brooding over them obscure their vision and cause them to become confrontational, apathetic, and cynical. Their lives are like flat champagne, without any sizzle. So, how do we inoculate ourselves against such a harmful disease? It was only after learning about the horrible effects of smoking that people began to give it up. It may be wise to do the same here. So, let’s review the effects of negativitis.

1. Complaining is worse than doing nothing, for it is digging the rut one is in deeper and deeper. Each time one complains, it becomes increasingly difficult to climb out of the ditch they’ve created. To loosen the grip of this vicious habit, we need to become aware of our complaining, stop it in its tracks, and immediately look for something positive to say. It’s just a matter of replacing a bad habit with a good one.

2. A negative attitude is self-defeating. We won’t find solutions to life’s problems by looking for someone or something to blame. Those who say, "Positive thinking doesn't work for me," have got it backwards. It’s not positive thinking that has to work; YOU have to work. For example, you have to work at appreciating what you have instead of moaning about what you lack.

3. Failure to do what you want to do (be happy) causes physical and mental stress. A rotten attitude, not only delays success, but also shortens life by damaging the immune system (to learn more on how your thoughts affect your immune system, investigate psychoneuroimmunology). So, besides the diseases directly caused by stress, such as heart disease and ulcers, we become susceptible to all manner of other diseases because of a weakened immune system.

4. Do you know anyone with a negative attitude? How many years have they been that way? Two years? Five years? Ten years? That’s how many years of happiness and success they have robbed themselves of. Blinded by their own negativity, they are prevented from seeing the good around them.

5. One characteristic of negative thinkers is their need to have the world behave according to their wishes. They have never grown up and still live with childish demands. Whenever people and the world fail to act according to their selfish wishes, they are unhappy. Such a poisonous attitude prevents them from growing and learning how to cope with life's challenges.

6. Everything negative we say about ourselves to ourselves (self-talk) and to others is a suggestion. We are unwittingly practicing self-hypnosis, programing ourselves for failure, and creating self-fulfilling prophecies.

7. The negative world of our imagination creates a negative world that is real and one that we are forced to live in. Take Ralph, for example. He’s always complaining about life. “Nowadays people are rude and surly. No matter where you go or what you do, you have to deal with ill-bred people.” As he said this, we made our way to a coffee shop. Once inside, we were greeted by a cheerful chap who asked us what we would like. Sighing (as if it took a great effect to speak), Ralph, almost inaudibly, ordered a medium sized regular coffee. When it arrived, he started complaining. Pointing to the cup, he said, “This is medium?” Without waiting for a response, he added, “You should have told me your cups are so small; I would have ordered a large one if I knew.” Despite the long line that Ralph was holding up, the man behind the counter tried to be patient. Without complaint, he took away the small coffee and replaced it with a large one. As soon as it arrived, Ralph looked at it aghast and bellowed, “You call this regular? There’s not enough cream!” The man behind the counter, who only moments ago was cheerful was now upset and sarcastically replied, “Yes, for MOST people, this is regular, but if you INSIST, I’ll put in more cream. Perhaps next time you may want to ask for DOUBLE cream!” I was next, so I got my coffee and joined Ralph at the table. “See,” he told me, “what did I say to you? People are rude.” Yes, in Ralph’s world, people ARE rude, but what he does not realize is he makes them so.

8. A particularly pernicious effect of ‘negativitis’ is that it sets one up for the mentality of a victim. Those with a woe-is-me attitude sit around in misery, waiting to be rescued. But they wait in vain because no one can rescue them from their own attitude. They are the only ones who can change it. And until they do so, they are condemned to continue suffering.

9. Another adverse effect of negativity is that it sets one up for the magic-bullet-syndrome. That is, the victim of ‘negativitis’ spends their time looking for a quick, easy fix, when none exists. By denying a fundamental law of life that states anything worthwhile requires effort to achieve, they achieve nothing. They won’t make progress until they realize that nothing in life is free. They’ve got to be willing to do what it takes to get what they want.

10. Also, beware of the fact that negative people attract other complainers. Because those who live in a world of doom and gloom alienate others, they have no choice but to look for other negative people to associate with. They then feed off one another and get locked in a clique of losers.

11. The constant stress that flows from a negative attitude also saps one’s energy, focus, and motivation. It is hardly a formula for success.

12. Also of great concern is the fact that those who refuse to work on improving their negative attitude may slide into depression, self-pity, and hopelessness.

13. Additionally, negative people not only harm themselves; they harm the world. They cease to make a contribution to it. Instead of helping, they spread gloom and misery everywhere. If they insist on infecting others, why not infect them with laughter? If they must carry something contagious, why not carry a smile?

Imagine being in a small boat drifting in a river. And imagine being unaware that your boat has a motor. As long as you fail to use that motor you will be a captive of the river. You will be a prisoner without any control over your destination. Yet, the boat that we’re in does have a motor. We can use it to change course. That motor is our power of choice. All we have to do is choose to look for the good, for when we do so, that is all we will find!

© Chuck Gallozzi
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No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
Eleanor Roosevelt, 'This Is My Story,' 1937

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.
Herm Albright (1876 - 1944)

I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances.
Martha Washington (1732 - 1802)

The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.
Anna Quindlen (1953 - )

Fear is that little darkroom where negatives are developed.
Michael Pritchard

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