Maleah in Alex's Shorts!

I had posted about Maleah wearing Alex's 3-6 month shorts. Here's a really cute picture of her in them... while sitting in his car seat.


My Girl...

I just had to blog about this. I'm inside cleaning...Alex is sleeping...Maleah is outside playing with her the shorts we just bought for Alex. They're 3-6 months...and yes, they fit. She is adorable in them. :) Blue plaid. Wearing a boy's blue Adidas shirt too. With her pink sandals. Cute :)


Update on Us :)

Well, I assume everyone knows....Alex is here! He came on Monday, April 6th. :) He's awesome and adorable as can be :) Pray for him, as we had a weight check today and he's still not back to his birth weight...and as much and as frequently as he eats...I don't see how that's possible. He's totally fantastic though. :) I'm going to be so sad when Bob goes back to work Monday :( I've enjoyed this last week and a half having all 4 of us together. That's rigth! There's 4 of us now :) So awesome!

There's probably lots to update on but I just don't have the time! I wanted to post a few pictures though!


Due in 4 Days....And NOTHIN'!

So here we are...the Saturday before our due date...totally having expected that Mr. Alex would have greeted us by now....and NOTHIN'! He's still snug as a bug in a rug! I am beginning to wonder if we'll ever get blessed with his wonderful presence! Maleah probably doesn't even believe he's real anymore...we tell her "No, that's for Alex" and "Look, this is for Alex" and she's probably wondering "Who in the world is Alex!?"....So keep praying for us...he's got to come out sooner or later!!! ;)



There is too much to share about my girl and just not enough time! If you haven't been able to be around her are totally missing out! She's so awesome! She is talking like a big girl :) She says so many things. One of my favorite sayings of hers is "Oh, yes". Not "yeah" but "yes". She's so exact in certain things she does...things have to be done a certain way, put in a certain place, etc. She's so much like me in ways you can't even teach! She's got busy hands and loves to give these hugs that just wrap around your entire body :) She loves to do things all by herself, but will let you help after trying and not succeeding. She loves to be outside. She knows which direction is "Mama's house" and "Papa's house". She sees the phone and assumes I've got to call Mama. :) She's a picky eater who loves pringles cheez'ums. She eats the filling out of the oreos, but doesn't always want the cookie. She loves big kids but also loves to play by herself. She loves to read and I LOVE the way she suggests something and then makes it sound like it's YOUR idea!

I'd share more....but I've got to finish getting ready!


That last post was my 250th post! :)

Update on Baby "I'm Never Coming Out of Here" Alex! :)

I'm 39 weeks today....and had my appointment yesterday. Nothing has changed! Maleah made my little guy a condo and he's perfectly happy living there! We go for another appointment next Monday (assuming he won't have come out by then) and if nothing happens....more than likely I'm going to be induced at some point. But he's doing great! We've all been sick with this or that....but hopefully it's to the end of it for all of us. We certainly don't want little Alex born into lots of sickness where no one can come see him! He's awesome though...I'm just SOOOO ready to meet him!!!