If you are on the west end of town and want to save alot...go to Save-A-Lot the gas station. If you don't frequent the Kroger gas station to get the cents off...go down Western Ave. to the new Save-A-Lot gas station. I was going down Western this morning...Kroger $3.75, Marathon $3.72...Save-A-Lot...$3.53. You can't beat that!

I'm a Delong!

It's showing! I'm a Delong! I sit here, 27 years old, and this weekend I found a total of 8...yes EIGHT...gray hairs! I pulled them all. Don't tell me more will grow either! I debunked that. If that were true...older people wouldn't go bald! They'd be yanking those babies out to grow more hair! :)

All 8 hairs were on the right side of my head, too. I thought that was interesting. We'll call that "the Bob side" of my head ;)

Since Maleah won't call me Mommy, we'll just have to get her to start calling me Grandma instead :) hehe

I atleast crack myself up!

Maleah's Big News!


I just want to share my radio station, It's an awesome Christian alternative rock station and I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to it today (as I do every day). People are calling in with prayer requests, praying for one another, the station and listeners are praying for all these people in need...and isn't that what it's all about? There's no judgment on this station....just the Word and the news of Christ and His Salvation! It's AWESOME!

Give it a listen if you can. :)


Feeling Irritated....and also Thankful.

I appreciate all the people in my life...and in OUR lives...who love us because of who we are, and not because of what we can do for them. Some people will love you if you do what they want you to do, and hate you if you don't.

Thank you for all of you who read this that are not that type of person.

I hope you are all having a great day.

I miss being on here! I'll get back to it. :) Promise. :)

Don't Give Up on Us!

We'll be posting again real soon! We've just been so busy!
Keep checking!