Just Look At Her!!!

I know I haven't been able to post much lately and for that I apologize. I have held out pictures of Maleah as a result. I know Bob has the Picasa link on his page....but you have got to look at her!

Her little teeth that we waited and waited and waited for have finally started coming in...ALL AT ONCE!

Stay posted....there will be more to come....I promise not to wait so long!


She found her "M's"

Maleah lost her ability to say any word with an "m" in it over the last several weeks. We worked and worked to get her to say "da-da". She finally did that and all of the sudden she won't say "ma-ma".

Until a couple days ago. We were sitting there eating dinner. Maleah was in her high chair and out of nowhere (and unprompted) she exclaims "ma-ma"! It was wonderful.

I realize this isn't my blog, but I wanted everyone to know about it!

Two Years Ago....

Two years ago today I woke up, I got ready for work, straightened my hair for the Singing Christmas Tree final performance that night, put on my pink turtleneck sweater because it was cold outside, and was a very happy person, content with what was going on in my life. I left home and went to the doctor for my routine appointment. I walked away from that appointment broken and changed.

That day I was weak, and needed to be strong. That day God lifted me up, strengthened me and got me through the hardest loss of my life.

Some days it feels like it didn't happen....other days it feels like it just happened yesterday. Walking out of that doctor's office, alone, having to call Bob and tell him that our baby was gone. Going to my mom's work, seeing her smiling face disappear as I told her the news. Having to face everyone I knew, knowing that this wonderful gift that I had been given had been taken away from me. Living the remainder of that day knowing that my baby was still IN me but not WITH me.

God was there. He was all around me. He was the one that got me through the horror of that day. Regardless of how long she was with me, Emily was our gift from God. He gave me peace the same month we got pregnant that everything was going to be ok. I laid in bed, and I FELT it. I felt His presence and I KNEW. When we lost Emily I didn't ask why. God has reasons we don't understand....but I know that Maleah is a blessing from God, and if everything had worked out ok and Emily had been born a healthy baby in May, that Maleah wouldn't be with us.

There were so many people that showed us how much they love us through the loss. Two years ago we went home with 8 answering machine messages expressing their sorrows in our loss. Greg said 'This really sucks'. I love Greg for that. He said exactly what we were thinking.

The cards, the flowers, the prayers....the constant prayers....

Thank you all. YOU helped get us through it.

We love you all.


10 Years....

Today it has been 10 years since the day I met Bob. We met at my school dance, he had JUST broken up with his girlfriend and went with a friend of his. It was 70's retro and we got beaded necklaces. They were really cheap but I still have them. He gave me his that night :) We did the electric slide and about every other type of line dancing we could do (not by choice....) and we got to dance one slow song....and when I met him he introduced himself by shaking my hand. That impressed me!

I had to get his number from Laura and it was ME that called HIM after the dance. But thank goodness I did! I don't know what I'd do without him!

10 years.....WOW!.....It seems like a small amount of time and a large amount all at the same time.

It's been 10 years since I met you....and I still not only love you more and more ...I like you! You're my best friend and I'm so grateful that we are together. Thanks for being you. :)