We planted a magnolia tree in remembrance of Emily on her due date in 2006. I chose a magnolia tree because their flowers are just so incredibly beautiful! Bob and I were discussing the flowering trees the other day, and he mentioned how other flowering trees hold up so much better in colder weather, and flower longer. I thought about that....but you know....it's so fitting....Emily's tree blossomed just a little over a week ago. Yesterday, the wind blew so strong most of the petals are now gone. It always loses its petals so quickly. But it's sort of a metaphor for Emily's life. Those flowers blossom and for a moment we get to enjoy their beauty...and in a flash they are gone. And so comes our Emily....she was with us such a brief moment, but in that moment held all the beauty we could ever imagine. I don't think there could be a more fitting tree to remember her :)

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Bob Speakman said...

I loved when you first told me your analogy the other day. Beautiful.. I love you sweetheart.