My Man

God shows His amazing goodness all around us if only we are willing to see it :)

Bob read my last two confessions. He had one question.
Why do you feel the need to preface your achievements with qualifying reasons why it’s a good thing?
This is a man who knows me. He knows me so well. He knows what I am thinking and feeling without having to tell him. He's my best coach (I cannot call him my cheerleader LOL). He's proud of me and loves me no matter what. I told him WHY I preface it. He sent me this amazing encouragement and I love him for it!

You’re amazing and wonderful….

When a person accomplishes something they should do so with some pride in what they accomplished. Even when a person fails they should be proud they at least tried.

Driving on the interstate and mowing grass aren’t your greatest achievements… but they are that. Achievements.

You should not feel stupid, but proud of yourself that you aren’t just staying put.. but that you’re trying new things… I am SO proud of you. You could have just said, “Bob drives… I don’t want to” or “Bob mows, why should I ever do it?”

You did it… you should be proud of yourself… and not assume people think anything bad of you for it.

Don’t run the football into the end zone and apologize to the fans that you were wide open when you caught the ball… or that it was the QB that threw the amazing pass…

Spike the ball and do a dance and don’t apologize for it! :)

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