Confession #83

Running Bases We took the kids to the Annex yesterday for an afternoon of fun. We kicked the soccer ball in the soccer nets, played baseball on the baseball field and then went for a walk on the flood wall. For the first time EVER that I can recall I got to run the bases. I can't remember ever being on a REAL baseball field and running bases. Bob pitched, I hit, and though I should have stopped at first, I ran all the way to home :) It felt good :) I'm glad I made it! LOL It's been a LOOOONG time since I "ran". We had a great afternoon :) Maleah decided she wants to be a soccer goalie because that is the only way she can use her hands :) AND It is glaringly obvious that Mr. Alex needs to be on a baseball team. The way he can hit that ball absolutely amazes me! It was fun seeing Bob bat too. He always loved baseball and I know even though it was a foam bat and ball, he had a great time :) God is so good :) Maybe I'll run those bases again soon! PS Bob was NOT so good at being a goalie ;) hehe SCORE!!!

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Bob Speakman said...

You totally kicked my butt at soccer. :) It was a lot of fun!