Confession #84

We went on vacation last week to Gatlinburg. My confession is that I drove outside of the state of Ohio for the first time EVER!

You may think it silly that I am 32 and have never driven outside of the state, but whenever we've gone on road trips, it was always my dad driving....and since we've been married, it's Bob. I prefer to be the navigator. I like the control of the map. But I wanted him to be able to see the beautiful mountains and creeks, rockfaces, etc. too (or doze off as he did a couple times LOL)

Next on my list is being able to say that I drove on an interstate. This was just driving from Cade's Cove back to Gatlinburg, a long and slow ride :)Interstates scare me, but I may have to give 270 a try sometime :)

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