I am not one to request do-overs of days. But if I could have one to do over, it would be this one and it's not even 8:30 :(

Today is Maleah's first day of first grade. The morning was supposed to go so well. Instead, Bob and I were arguing over something stupid and Maleah was pouting that she didn't like her dress, her feet hurt, her leg hurt - seemed to be complaining about everything.

Oh what I would give to take that stupid argument back.

Oh what I would give to have picked out a different outfit for her first day.

Instead, it went the way it did. Maleah pouted about her dress & feet until finally, at 7:55 (already late for work), I took her to her room and put her in shorts, a shirt and socks and running shoes. Her shirt is too big. Nothing I can do about that now. That's how she went to school. No wonderful first day of school picture showing her excitement. It was all a frustrated rush to get out the door. Then I lost my keys, so I spent the next few minutes trying to find them.

If there was one day to start over....this would be the day.

Open house went great last night. I know she'll be fine. But it breaks my heart....her first day of school. No picture. No excitement. Just fighting.

I sit here crying because it breaks my heart. I hate how this morning went and there is nothing I can do to change that.

My heart is broken for this. She should be on the day care bus heading off to school right now. I just pray that she's lost in the excitement with all the other kids and the morning frustrations will fall away for all of us.

I hope she knows how much I love her and how sorry I am that it went the way it did.

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